Sunday, July 27, 2014

Making a Tian

My tian was made using The Barefoot Contessa's recipe with a few modifications. Click on the play button in the bottom left hand corner.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Over the Top Downtown Party Idea

Photo by Brian Hines 
The last Summer in the City event (what year was that?) felt uninviting and surreal to me: core downtown streets were fenced off with chain link. At one end, a giant blow-up liquor bottle swayed in the breeze, while unnecessarily loud bands made my ears bleed. You were either in the street or on the sidewalk. It wasn't possible to do both--not much fun for downtown businesses.

"We're having a party at your house, but you're not invited."

My over the top idea? Round robin volleyball tournaments (definition here) taking place at the edges/ends of blocked streets. Beer and wine tasting going on in various businesses and a food truck area. A kids' space, with a game, crafts and a bike rodeo. A passport/stamp game, to see how many stamps you can collect at local shops. And evening entertainment, with bands that don't make the ears bleed.

What would your Summer in the City look like?