Thursday, June 8, 2023

Driving Possibilities

Sometime in the mid-seventies, I was doing what I'd continue to do throughout my life -- exploring neighborhoods and different routes to take me home from work or errands. My first job was in the bigger town that was around fifteen miles from my small town, so ... more for me to discover with my newly purchased wheels.

Since I was still a student, I was curious about the high schools in the bigger town, so that day's drive was around one of the high school's neighborhoods. It was a nice area with well kept lawns and sidewalks. And then ... I spotted movement in one of the house's picture windows. Teenage me did not expect to see naked vacuuming. My first thought was, "who was this naked vacuumer performing for?" 

I have no idea why this long forgotten memory popped up as I lay in bed last night, but ... it did give me a second chance to ponder the why. It never dawned on teenage me that this naked vacuumer might be doing it because it made them feel free. To dare to bare? Without a care? Or maybe it was all about how clothing felt to them. 

Yes, I hear you. Perhaps it was all about the thrill and the possibility of being discovered by the postman or the milkman. So many possibilities.

Love, K