Saturday, December 16, 2023

Autumn Streaming

Moving On (movie)
Great British Bake-Off (newest season)
Breeders (final season)
NYAD (movie)
The Village by Peter Moffat (series) (big thumbs up)
Quiz Lady (movie)
The Day the World Stood Still (B&W movie)
Somewhere in Queens (movie)
The Quiet Girl (movie) (big thumbs up)
The Crown (final season)
Bye Bye Barry (sports doc)
No Hard Feelings (movie)
American Symphony (movie)
Virgin River (latest season)
May September (movie) meh
Lupin (third season)
Katla (series)
The Split (series)
Minari (movie)
A Walk in the Woods (movie)
Roald Dahl shorts on NF
This is Where I Leave You (movie) (was better than expected)
Belfast (movie) (well done)
Maggie Moore(s) reminded us of Foul Play with Goldie Hawn

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Summer Streaming II

Woman King
To Leslie
My Son
Almost Paradise (started, may not finish)
Jim Gaffigan (one episode)
Life After Life limited series (thanks to Lise)
Lincoln Lawyer (new season)
Beanie Bubble 
HiJack limited series
The Essex Serpent limited series
Fisk (Aussie series)
Derry Girls series (four episodes)
Dancing Queens
Lost Flower of Alice Hart (limited series)
The Mule 
The Wife
Love & Anarchy (two episodes)
A Map of the World
Lady Chatterley
Virgin River (new season)
Peanut Butter Falcon
The Bear (new season)
Murders Only in the Building (new season)
Monuments Men movie

Monday, August 28, 2023

Seeing One's Self

Recently, while attending a family function, I kept hearing a younger cousin go on and on about her hot flashes and the symptoms of menopause in general. At first, there were murmurs of sympathy and agreement here and there, yet after the drinks kept flowing on that warm afternoon, the complaints kept coming, but the audience had moved on. 
One of the thoughts that blew through my ears, "good golly, does she think she's the first person in the world to experience menopause?". Which immediately brought a smile to my face. Because I could see myself most likely doing the same both with my older sibs and the people I worked with. Yep! I can see it now. There I was, going on and on to anyone who might listen. 
My sincere apologies,
Love, K

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

A Poem

Sometimes I'll hear a reading of a poem that touches me with it's description of a moment. A moment that many can relate to.  The following is one I heard this morning on NPR:

"Written on the Due Date of a Son Never Born."

by David Wojahn

Echinacea, Bee Balm, Aster, Trumpet Vine, 

I watch your mother bend to prune, 

water sluicing silver from the hose. 

Another morning you will never see. 

Summer solstice, 

dragonflies flare, the un-petaled rose.

Six A.M. and already she's breaking down,

hose flung to the sidewalk where it snakes and pulses in a steady keening glitter,

 both hands to her face. 

That much I can give you of these hours. 

That much only, 

fists and blossom forged by salt,

trellising your wounded helixes against our days. 

Tell us how to live for we are shades,

facing, caged, the chastening sun. 

Our eyes are scorched and lidless.

 We cannot bear your light.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Summer Streaming ...

The Mother (Lopez movie)

Wellmania (series)

tried Jury Duty, may return

Living (Nighy)

The Pale Blue Eye

The Rig (series)

Where the Crawdads Sing (movie)

One More Time

Tourist's Guide to Love (meh)

We Have a Ghost

3000 Years of Longing

The Outlaws (comedy series)

Top Gun

Night Sky (series)

Whiplash (movie)

Platonic (series)

Armageddon Time (movie)

We're the Millers (movie)

Sully (movie)

Chupa (movie)

3:10 to Yuma (movie)

80 for Brady (movie)

Deadloch (series)

New Amsterdam (series)

Carol (movie)


Monday, July 17, 2023

"Dear ... Somebody"

 After decades of reading advice columns, starting with Landers, van Buren and currently Hax, I've learned some things. Whether they're useful or not depends on whether you're ready for a little self inspection. Some days I'm ready and on others I can be a bit clueless. Okay okay okay, many days I find myself clueless. Sheesh!

The issue I see most often is that basically, we ALL stink at communication. Perhaps due to our choices, we don't want anyone else in our business -- and seldom for the best of reasons. Also, it's a rare person who can offer a non-biased account of a relationship issue or courteously speak up for themselves in the moment, but (as I've discovered reading Carolyn Hax's chats) they do exist. 

I put how we stink at communication first, because ... well, because we DO. We have issues with friends or family and immediately try to see how we can either get others on our side or skew the story or ... create their own story about the situation. Stop that. You know exactly what I mean-- we want allies and we'll do what we can to get them. Whatever type of stroking or bribing it might take. Instead of the all so simple solution: sitting down face to face to talk it out, sometimes it can happen in one sit down and sometimes it can take more. The circumstances depend on how firmly and how long people have been grasping to their "truth". 

Why is talking to each other so difficult? Fear of opening up? Too many times of having someone shut you down, not listening or telling you you're wrong? Yes ... I might be talking to myself and hoping I listen this time. 

Love, K

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Driving Possibilities

Sometime in the mid-seventies, I was doing what I'd continue to do throughout my life -- exploring neighborhoods and different routes to take me home from work or errands. My first job was in the bigger town that was around fifteen miles from my small town, so ... more for me to discover with my newly purchased wheels.

Since I was still a student, I was curious about the high schools in the bigger town, so that day's drive was around one of the high school's neighborhoods. It was a nice area with well kept lawns and sidewalks. And then ... I spotted movement in one of the house's picture windows. Teenage me did not expect to see naked vacuuming. My first thought was, "who was this naked vacuumer performing for?" 

I have no idea why this long forgotten memory popped up as I lay in bed last night, but ... it did give me a second chance to ponder the why. It never dawned on teenage me that this naked vacuumer might be doing it because it made them feel free. To dare to bare? Without a care? Or maybe it was all about how clothing felt to them. 

Yes, I hear you. Perhaps it was all about the thrill and the possibility of being discovered by the postman or the milkman. So many possibilities.

Love, K

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Spring Streaming ...

Shrinking (series)

Door Prize (series)

Ted Lasso (final season)

Love Inevitably (series)

Murder Mystery 2 (movie)

Lincoln Lawyer (series)

Inside Man (movie)

Rita (series)

Ticket to Paradise (movie)

Acapulco (series)

Michael: Tuesday & Thursday (series)

RRR (movie LONG)

Tom Jones (series PBS)

Mrs. Maisel (series new season)

You People (movie, modern day Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?)

A Man Called Otto (movie, not as good as A Man Called Ove, but still worth a watch)

The Last Thing He Told Me (series)

Sweet Tooth (series, new season)

Air (movie)

Platonic (series)

The Diplomat (series)

and a lot of Beaver baseball. Go Beavs!

Friday, April 7, 2023

Which Reminds Me . . .

    And speaking of hurting ourselves ...  Recently I began having knee pain. The kind of pain that can bother during the day, but keeps you awake at night. Stretching my quads helped somewhat yet myofascial release seemed to aggravate it. 

    Then I took a couple days off of the daily treadmill habit (not on purpose, just busier than normal) and the pain eased up considerably. Yet after a few more days of not walking, I quickly discovered, staying off of the treadmill wasn't working -- the pain had returned. I checked the wear on my shoes and noticed it was time to replace them. "Aha!", I thought to myself, "problem solved!". And then -- another "nope", as the hurt returned with new shoes.

    It was time to sit down with myself and think about any possible change in my daily routine that might be the culprit. I think that made me become more aware of my daily exercises and how I sit. After weeks of trying, the mystery was solved, after I FINALLY noticed that the pain decreased on a day I had missed my morning shower. It was all about an exercise I was doing in the shower--- a kind of "limbo dance" backwards stretch. I'd been overly proud of how far I was able to bend apparently. What a dope am I! But at least I hurt less. 

Love, K

Monday, April 3, 2023

My Back is Killing Me or So I Thought

    Ever since the late seventies, when I foolishly tried to move a large rolled carpet on my own from one room in our small house to another, I've had lower back issues. I eventually decided, after dealing with it for several years, that the injury had damaged my back, made it weak and there was nothing to be done about it, except for numbing the pain. 

    About ten years into this denial of mine, I heard someone I volunteered with say that she had had back issues for years until her doctor sent her to a "back class" at the local hospital. My ears and brain decided to reject that idea -- nope, not for me, I apparently informed myself.

    To add to the mix, once I reached the backside of fifty, my hips began to punish me for time spent walking on the treadmill. At least that's how it felt to me-- "why won't you let me stay fit?!". I sought and found relief with a local chiropractor and then a pain doctor who gave me hip injections. The injections were like a miracle. 

    Then the third time I visited the pain doctor, he looked at me and said that he too had been dealing with hip pain that was interfering with his jogging. He decided it was time to fix us both, but without the injections. Dr. Blake sent me to a physical therapist he'd heard good things about and planned to see himself. And that? That was the real miracle.

    After four visits with Dr. Gough five years ago, I had three exercises to continue and a tennis ball that's been my buddy ever since. The thirty daily squats are the exercise I've kept doing regularly and that I believe strengthened my gluteus minimus. The Frankenstein walk I do irregularly and the other backwards dip thingie didn't last for more than a few months. I still use the tennis ball as needed and yes --- myofascial release can be quite painful .... but it DOES give excellent relief. 

    Sometimes it takes hard work, but it's worth it. Love, K

Monday, March 27, 2023

Streaming History Jan -- ?

The Wonder

Under the Vines (only watched a few episodes)

Three Pines (series)

Fleishman is in Trouble (series)

Storm Boy


Lady on Fire

The Flip Side


Four Seasons

The Good Nurse


Sea Biscuit

Alex Rider (series)

About Time

The Vast of Night

Vanity Fair (series)


Detectorist Christmas special

Emily the Criminal


Inerish Banshees

The Aviator

Sweet Tooth (rewatched before new season comes)


Women are Talking

Daisy Jones & the Six (series)

The Last Laugh (tv movie)

Ted Lasso (new season)

Everything Sucks (a few episodes)

Outdoor Wisconsin


American Masters: Dr. Fauci

Everything Everywhere all at Once

Nanny Diaries

Marie Antoinette 2022

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Broccoli Chicken Alfredo

10 oz fettucine
 2 cups of broccoli florets
 2 cups of diced rotisserie chicken
1/4 cup butter
1/2 diced onion
 3 cloves of minced garlic
1/8 tsp pepper
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 of shredded parmesan
 1 cup of half and half

Bring large pot of water to a boil over high heat, add 1/2 tsp of salt for flavor. Cook pasta one minute less than manufacturer's instruction, adding broccoli florets during the final 4 minutes of cooking, drain all in colander. Set aside.

Add butter to 3.5 quart skillet over medium to medium high heat (preferably with a lid), add onion, cook until transparent, add garlic, stir for approximately 30 seconds, add half and half, salt, pepper, nutmeg, red pepper flakes. Stir often and cook until sauce starts to bubble slightly.

Once the sauce is bubbling and begins to cook down, add in parmesan cheese and stir until sauce thickens.

Add in the chicken, pasta and broccoli and stir until fully combined.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

"Badger", a poem by Ted Smith


Deep in the shadows he snuffles and pushes,

his nose riffling down through decaying leaf mushes.

Sniffing out worms, slugs, and beetles,

soft, chewy, crunchy things that he munches and eatles.

Dig, dig, digging with his powerful front claws,

he seeks out such yuck to get in his jaws!

A snail for breakfast, a frog for dinner,

grub and scoff that would make you shiver!

And spotting a Badger is never easy,

especially if it might make you queasy!

You see, with his body grey and his face black and white,

he’s perfectly camouflaged in the depths of the night.

But if you’re prepared to crouch down and don’t mind getting mucky,

happy to wait in the hope to strike lucky,

then you might see him crashing through brambles

'cos he’s tough as old boots as he bashes and scrambles.

Mind, despite all his racket, he’s really quite shy.

I’ve heard he wouldn’t say boo to a goose, or a fly.

So, if you’re quiet as a mouse, you might just get a glimpse.

No, watching for badgers ain’t for wimps!

Then, as the sun comes up and begins to shine brightly,

with his belly quite full and not feeling so sprightly,

he returns underground to his home called a sett,

which, surprise, surprise, is dry, not wet.

And there, all day, he sleeps, snoring soundly,

snuggled up warm with the rest of his family,

until, once again, as it begins to get dark,

he noses the air and ventures out for the lark. 

~Ted Smith

(I my opinion, this would make a lovely children's book.)

Ted Smith short bio: "I’m an optimist, an aspiring writer, a painter of all sorts (figurative abstract and decorator and restorer of ancient ol' buildings)

I’m a political animal too, pro EU, anti Brexit, and someone that enjoys reasoned and respectful debate. 
Labour Party member but forced to vote LibDems because of the iniquity of the UK’s ridiculous FPTP Voting System. 

Also, I'm a dad a second time around (must be mad, but I love it) and a granddad.

'Life in the ol' dog yet, eh?'"

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Streaming Update for My Own Sake

Road to the Lemon Grove

King Richard

The Changling

Molly's Game

Set it Up


Come Rain, Come Shine

The Big Sick

Maria Full of Grace

Night Manager (series)

Kennedy's (uk series)



Persuasion (NF 2022)

I Want You Back 

Operation Mincemeat (NF 2022)

Love and Marriage

Barry (HBO series)

Packed to the Rafters (Aussie TV series, 6 seasons)


13 Lives

Virgin River (new season)

Friends with Money

The World According to Garp

Licorice Pizza

Nice Guys


League of Their Own (new series)

The Town

I Am Legend

House of Gucci

Lost City


Wolf of Wall Street

Afternoon Delight

River Runs Through It


Catch Me if You Can

Lean On Pete

Middle of Nowhere

Sex Education

Father Stu

Howl's Moving Castle

I Used to Be Famous

Great British Baking (new season)

Mad to Be Normal



Hope Gap

(A Silly Cowboy Movie?)

Van Ver Valk

Catherine Called Birdie


All the Old Knives

Spirited Away

Seaside Hotel

The Chair

Hello, My Name is Doris

The Inside Man


Dr. Thorne

Captain Phillips

A Man Called Ove

The Crown

Elsa and Fred

Pieces of a Woman

Young Adult

Age of Adaline

Midnight Sky

Three Pines (series)

His Dark Materials (new season)

Tucker the Man and His Dream


Pinocchio (new)

Vera (series)

Murders Only in the Building (new season)

The Old Man (Hulu series)

Glass Onion

People Will Talk

Good Luck to You Leo Grande

She's Funny that Way


A Tall Dark Stranger

Back to the Rafters (Aussie series)