Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weeds! Be gone!

Today wasn't the warmest of days, but it was perfect for weeding and other such chores of the yard. No, I'm not finished. Is weeding ever really finished? Besides, after awhile my hands have trouble listening to my brain's command, "grasp!". "I can't!", I hear my hand whine.
Zuzu, the cat, escaped this afternoon. She does stay within the confines of the backyard, but still it requires that I begin to think about things like fleas and missed shots. Taking her in to the vet requires two people and that takes planning. Something we don't do well with.
N and I, went to both of the Home Something stores today. Checking shingle and vent options. He's thinking July might be the best time for having help available.
Almost time to head to Eat Salem night. I have a feeling the restaurant is going to be busy . . .

Friday, May 30, 2008

and first there was cake . . .

Our new principal, Janet Prats, came for a visit this morning. I'm thinking that tall, white, coconut covered cake was in her honor. Cake for breakfast? Sure, I'm right there with ya - fork in hand!
Right after that, the soundtrack from Grease cascaded out of the classroom intercoms - to celebrate the school sockhop on Saturday. The short people were ecstatic. What, more excitement?? Surprisingly, we were able to finish our three jobs.
The end of our day started with a lap around the track, recess AND Mr. Spivey dressed as a male relative of Lady Liberty climbing a ladder onto the roof. Seems like it's a good time for another 3 day weekend!
J drove all those miles north on I-5 to spend the weekend with Fran. Not only is she still wiped from an extra tough PT appointment, but she stayed up late making bread dough last night. I came home from work to the smell of bread baking. I teasingly accused her of wearing herself out to cook for the boy and by the look on her face, I know I was on the mark.
Happy hour is over and I'm stuffed with a delicious dinner.

Good-bye Painted Ladies

I had to share this sweet little video of the release of our butterflies. I only wish the short people had been in the shot as well as Laura.


How lucky am I?
I received treasure via the USPS in a plain white envelope!
Not just a beautiful bracelet, but a beautiful bracelet made by Lise. :>)
I want to keep it on all the time, but since I don't want to break it . . .

Yay! No Fran appointments today! I'm so glad she has Kathy Kosboth for a physical therapist. What a gift! She tried Fran out with a forearm crutch/brace yesterday.

Our school trip to the children's museum was a success yesterday - no short people lost and it didn't rain. The museum is always so packed to the gills, I wonder how much exploration is really possible. It's more like we're learning to navigate in a crowded place. Their favorite place every year is the wonderful playground. I think we just need a field trip to a great playground with a bubble room. Those seem to be the highlights for the kids.

I'm getting closer to getting the photo journals done. I only have about 8-10 missing photos. I'd like to get those taken today.

Fran and I, watched a couple of episodes of Coupling last night - until my eyes could no longer stay open. N was at band rehearsal.
Tomorrow is Eat Salem night! Ya hoo! Big Foot, here we come!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oy! Is it Friday yet?

Okay, I understand the need to assess the short people. Of course, I do. It's just that the AMers are so . . . exuberant. Yeah, that's it! And I'm not always ready to deal with the exuberance of 27 short people early in the morning for 3.5 hours, while one of them is getting assessed. Get over it, I hear you say. Yeah, I'll try. I mean, gee whiz, there's really not that many days left, are there? And yes, I will miss them mid-June. 98.9% of them.
Today was our kindergarten lunch day and tomorrow we go to the children's museum. What's that bumper sticker say? Is it, "get in, sit down, buckle up, shut up and hang on"?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh honey, oh sugar, sugar . .

This evening, N and I, have been trying to make sense out of Fran's appointments next week. Tomorrow, I need to remember to call and change one of her June 5th appointments to another day. It ends up overlapping with the PT appointment earlier in the afternoon. {juggle, juggle} I'm so glad N is able to take the majority of her appointments until I'm out of school. I'm sure it doesn't feel that way to the afternoon class. "Do you have to take your daughter to the doctor again?", they ask each time.
More stories posted on the Jansen-Prock family blog. So cool! I sent more pages to Aunt Martha yesterday and asked her to share with the other aunts and uncles. I would think reading Dad's accounts would make their hands begin to itch with the urge to put their versions of the family history on paper.
Ah! Only minutes left before bedtime. I best get out of this computer chair!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Closing my eyes to good comedy

Last night, Fran began to feel better. The cough is slowly diminishing and she felt like she'd finally gotten some sleep. Those last two probably go together, don't they?
We celebrated by watching TV via the laptop. I do wonder if feeling sad over not being fit enough to join J's family this weekend, made her feel even worse.
She had missed the last two episodes of The Office. So, we played the one only she had missed while we made dinner and then watched the final episode together. That was some ending! We ended our TV watching with three episodes of the Brit comedy (similar to Friends), "Coupling". Fran wanted to continue to the following episode, but my eyes weren't able to stay open any longer.
N has a concert in Corvallis this afternoon. Time to start thinking about the timing of everything . . .

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Plants, plants, and more plants

N and I, drove out to Fessler's Nursery to return their impatiens tube and buy some hanging baskets. So many to choose from! Then we drove the back roads to Al's Nursery to check out their clematis. They didn't have as many choices as I would've liked, but I was glad they had two varieties of the Montanas. I prefer the smaller blossoms to the big saucer size. At Al's we ran into the Wallmarks again AND Mr. Spivey. Pretty funny!
We left Fran home again as she's still totally wiped with this darned flu. She's either asleep or awake and coughing. The antibiotic seems to be taking a toll on her, too, but we wouldn't want to do without the benefits.

Lazy Weekend

Shirley and I, went out for a Sassy Onion breakfast yesterday morning. How I love their tenderly scrambled eggs, the salty tang of the prosciutto, the slight sharp bite of the green onions and the carnivorous delight of biting into the bits of hearty bacon. Oh and the hashbrowns - crispy on the outside, but moist and tender on the inside. We sat and talked for about an hour and a half, before the crowd waiting became more than I could ignore from my chair. Then we went for a walk around Willamette University, slow enough to continue our visit. Few things rejuvenate me as much as time spent with Shirley.
I stopped at Costco to drop off a roll of film I've been toting around for a week. While I was there, I decided to pick-up a few more things. I'm not sure I would've if I'd known how long the lines were. (remember K, it's a holiday weekend!) At the time I didn't realize what the man behind me had said. I thought he was making small talk. Once I began my drive home, my brain put some things together and I realized I had cut into line in front of them. Oh the shame!! They probably thought I looked way too young to be hard of hearing, didn't they?
I put in some laundry and tended to Fran and then went out to mow the lawn - since N was helping Dan with their roof. Then I took my Newsweek out to the deck to read and promptly fell asleep. :>O
It's amazing - it's only 10 AM on a Sunday and we're ready to go!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The tipping point

It can be hard to understand how much is too much. Especially, when it's not you and the person you're trying to be there for is experiencing something you can't fathom.
N and I, have to focus and pay close attention to Fran's schedule and every activity or else her body will make her suffer the following 24 -48 hours. Every minute she sits up, whether it's in the car, in her chair, in the kitchen or in the shower, takes a toll on her. I try to make sure her outings are as frequent (every other day or so) as possible, but also less than an hour. Yeah, an hour a day is about the right amount. She'll try, under certain circumstances, to participate for much longer than an hour (over an entire day), but as I mentioned earlier - it's too much and her body will punish her.
So, we're learning to pay close attention to the clock ALL the time, because being a little bit active every day is better than being wiped for three days after being way too active for one day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Tube to the rescue!

Okay, I'm amazed, truly amazed. We missed the tail end of Cranford last night. I went to YouTube just for the heck of it to see if anyone had posted the episode or a part perhaps. And there it was - the 5 minutes we missed.
Yesterday, Fran shared that her abdominal pain had changed. She said that the intensity was the same, but now it's lower and closer to the surface. She said that her incision seems to be changing, too. Fran talked about it with Kathy at PT this morning and Kathy wonders if the new techniques she's employing may be changing the scar tissue. If Kathy is releasing the possible attachment, that would be a good thing.
Fran said that Kathy chastised her twice for wearing herself out last week. Sounds like good advice to me.
Fran's appointment with Dr. Weeks this afternoon went well. She's going to do the referral for Dr. Hero and fill out the insurance papers. She also - wait for it - listened to her chest sounds!! She didn't tell us what she heard, but at the end of the appointment she handed us a prescription for a strong antibiotic.
Fran's been worn out most of the day. After going to Costco pharmacy the second time (she stayed in the car the last visit), I took her home and fed her some cottage cheese, a small berry smoothie and apple slices with peanut butter. She'll eat on that until we head to bed.
UPDATE: We began watching "Millions" last night. So far, it's a sweet, creative, charming movie.

Ranking those all important television watching priorities . . .

Last night, I stayed up to watch two episodes of Cranford we had taped. All because I was beginning to feel the pressure of a filled video tape, an unwatched Netflix movie and a co-worker telling me how good the ending was.
Turns out we missed the tail end - the tape ran out. So many of the stories within the story had concluded, it's hard to say just how much we missed. Such a sweet, delightful mini-series! I love films that make you laugh out loud and cry. This one pulled me all the way in. No standing back and scrutinizing plot or character issues.
Fran has two oddly scheduled appointments today, making it necessary for me to take the entire day. We need to remember to ask Dr. Weeks for a referral to the new pain doctor in town (Leslie recommended him) and to have her fill out the insurance form to keep Fran covered. Will a 15 minute appointment suffice? Will she listen to her chest sounds? Stay tuned . . .
Yesterday, during science, we did the tried and true "sink or float". Somehow, who knows how, the conversation led to "who does chores at home?". I think it happened when we tested to see if an orange or apple would sink or float and I asked if they thought a watermelon would float, too. I told them they could ask their dads if they could fill the bathtub with water to find out. One of them piped up that they wouldn't ask their mom, because mom has too many jobs. "Do you help clean at home?", I asked. There were only one or two hands in each group that stayed down. I was glad to see short people are still being given chores to do at home. I told them how important it will be to know how to do those things when they're all grown up and have a place of their own.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grumpy?! Who's grumpy?!

I should be up and getting things done, but here I sit, feeling slightly tired and wanting someone to serve me a nice little salad. They could mix me a gin and tonic to start. I'm sure it'll take time to dice a little chicken and tomato to top the greens.
I don't like grumpy Mondays. There are a couple of short people in the morning who can be a bit frustrating at times. On Mondays, it all seems magnified. I think all of us are off our schedules and lacking sleep after the weekend.
Saturday morning was pretty funny. I got up at 7 to help N get moving to ready himself for a band festival in Newberg. I didn't know the details, just that he had a festival to play at and attend. About 2 hours before he was due to leave, he asked if I was going to join him. I told him that I had planned on working on printing out the short people's science certificates and doing laundry. The certificate printing can be a slow process. The heavier weight paper doesn't work well in our printer for some reason. So, I have to gently feed each sheet in. Today seemed like the perfect day since I don't like to get interrupted while I'm in the thick of it. A little before 9 N hears my cell, answers it and hands it over with a "I don't know who it is" look on his face. It's Karyn, the wonderful woman who cuts my hair. "Hi! Don't you have an appointment this morning?" Oh no!!!! I remembered that she needed to change it, but I couldn't remember if I ever put it on a calendar (I didn't). Turns out that she was running late this morning and wanted to cut her son's hair first. I jokingly accused her being nice and flexible with forgetful me, but she said that it was all true and this worked out better for her. And that's how I ended up with a haircut and a color today. :>) Unexpected (forgotten) and yet it worked out amazingly well. whew!!
We drove into Roseburg around 2PM yesterday. Fran and Gwen, made us juicy, delicious , barbecued hamburgers with all the trimmings. We stayed a bit longer than we should
have, but hate to make the kids say good-bye yet again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wee wee wee is the size of this post

A short line or three before we head down the freeway to Roseburg.
What a beautiful morning! We took our eggs and sat on the deck to enjoy the blue of the sky and the green of the vegetation.
Hmmmm, time to shift gears . . . better go fill the water bottle.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dang! It's hot enough to to melt a doormat!

Morning recess?
Not so bad, we knew it was going to be warm.
Afternoon recess? Holy moley!
The bars were hot, the slide was hot and the pebbles on the playground were hot. I took the short people around the track, but told them they had to stay behind me to keep the runners from over doing it. I had to rein them in a few times, but we did it. It felt like a furnace on that blacktop along with the brick building. Thank goodness for the shaded covered area! It's where 98% of us stayed after walking the track.
After school, there was a reception for our new principal. Her name is Janet Prats and this will be her first school year as a principal. We're relieved to meet her, but still anxious about what to expect. She immediately found out what a bunch of mothers we are, when she told us she was commuting all the way from Dundee. She had to calm us down by telling us her house is on the market.
J called to see what our plans are for retrieving Fran. I told him that we'll most likely drive down on Sunday. BUT we won't repeat the quick down and quick back this time. He sounded stuffed up and I could hear her coughing in the background. Poor Fran! I tried so hard not to share any water bottles with her. bleh bleh bleh

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Well, THAT'S done . . .
N and I, (mostly N, thankfully) unloaded pretty much the entire past 14+ months on Dr. Pitchford this afternoon. I can't believe we sat and talked non-stop for more than an hour. She said that knowing the entire story will help her to understand Fran better and to assist her with coping. The toughest part, aside from the emotional aspect, was remembering the sequence of events. It's helped to write most of it down these past months.
Later, while we were eating dinner, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was little Kevin our boy next door. He wanted to know if N could come out to play. I had to tell him no, that N was about ready to leave for his band practice. I suddenly felt 20 years younger. :>D

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'd give you my blood if you needed it

Ah, blood date went well. I think that's the fastest ever. They said that there had been a lot of cancellations due to illness. They weren't kidding. My phlebotomist knew how to put that needle in. Afterwards, I had a good time interviewing volunteer John Trigg at the snack table. That's what it seemed like I was doing to him. I wanted to eat my cookies, but I wanted to listen to him talk about his life. Every 9 weeks I learn a little more about him.
We went to Willamette Valley Grill for dinner. Lately, I've been hearing about them on the Eat Salem blog. One of the bloggers said that they have fondue on Wednesday. That seemed like reason enough to visit. Their prices were higher than we like to spend on a casual dinner out. So we ordered a couple of spinach salads, a tomato, basil, feta appetizer and the fondue instead of a regular meal. Everything was good, but I don't know if we'll return anytime soon. We already have somewhere we like to go for special nights out - Amadeus. :>) Their food is amazing.
When I called Fran this evening, she told me she has a cold. Ugh! I sure hope it doesn't go into her chest. She doesn't need that. Not at all.

Diggity diggity dig

Just a quick note before heading downtown to meet N for our blood date. I decided I better scrub my feet and hands before leaving. I spent most of the day out in the Sumpter Garden with the small people. :>) The plan was to weed and then plant seeds. The weeds were up to MY waist and the squirrels had "planted" at least a hundred acorns in our small raised bed. Dig, dig, dig, weed, weed, weed. Such good workers! Keens are good for a number of things, but standing in loose dirt may not be one of them.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Da test . . .

Here's to passing today's test [clink, clink].
I really really don't want to have yet ANOTHER test. The third one always includes pain. And yeah, I'm a wimp.
Sara and I, experienced some incredibly good timing this afternoon. It's nice to have things work out well with no planning required once in awhile. She called while I was at the doctor [silence ringer]and left a message, telling me that I needed to pick up a written prescription for one of her pain medications. I didn't have to make a second trip across town. Yay! I motored it over to Costco where they let me know they were having issues with their connection to the insurance companies. I told them that I would just go ahead and pay for it and bill the insurance later. They went ahead and filled yet another prescription that had been sent to "central", so I could pick all 3 up at once. They're so efficient and helpful. That's when I discovered that our credit union's computers were down and therefore my debit card wouldn't work. It's a good thing I still know how to fill out a check . . .
Tomorrow we have our blood date. :>) So steak for dinner is JUST what we need!

Monday, May 12, 2008

. . . here a jpg, there a jpg, everywhere a jpg . . .

I thought I was being so efficient this morning when I began searching for jpgs from this past school year. I figured the computer would need more time to search than what I'd be home for. Unfortunately, it finished about 45 minutes before I needed to leave. Which left me time to sit down and get so absorbed, I was nearly late to work. tsk tsk
I've finished sorting them, putting them in AM and PM files and transferring the albums to my google picasa folders. Now, hopefully, Laura will be able to pick them up from there to make her slide show. She wanted to do it on her own and since she has a mac and has problems figuring out how to go from one format to the other, I hope this is the best method for her. We shall see.
I brought one of the school's old computers home to retrieve photos of Bill to burn to a CD or DVD. This should be fun - it's an old dinosaur AND it has all 1000+ photos in one file. Aiy aiy aiy!! I picture that old beast sitting on our dining room table and running non-stop for quite awhile. {sigh} I wanted to install Picasa on it to help with the organizing, but it's been set-up for students to use it and won't allow me to make any program changes. {sigh again} If I need to, I'll ask Judy tomorrow if she knows how to bypass that hurtle.
Fran returned my call this afternoon. She wore herself out this past weekend. I knew that would happen.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday is alright with me

Mom & Dad, arrived just in time to stop me from taking the refrigerator apart and cleaning all the bits and pieces. At least I can say that now. :>)
We sat around and visited and then went out to eat at Marco Polo. Good old brown rice and beef curry! Then we drove home to dress for the concert. I was amazed at our good timing. Something we usually fail miserably at. It was a good concert except the conductor's microphone level was set for a 20 year old's ears - not ours. I was relieved to hear the people in front and behind us asking each other, "what did he say?". The young woman who won the Salem Pops scholarship last year, returned to play her violin for the audience. Excellent tone and quality of play! Her encore piece was "The Ashokan Farewell", the same piece played at N's mother's funeral by the cousins.

N made us a delicious Mother's Day breakfast with roasted red potatoes, ham, broccoli, sausage, eggs and mushrooms. Then we drove out to Guentner's Gardens to browse their greenhouses. I ended up running into 3 kindergarten (past and present) families while we were there. :>)
The new chair is here. The delivery guys suggested that the chair wasn't ordered back in March and that's what the delay was. Now why oh why couldn't the sales person and assistant manager just tell us the truth?? After hearing that, I remembered there had been a problem with the computer system not operating when she entered our order. Now it all makes sense. tsk tsk So much for word of mouth recommendations . . .

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Red Eye

Well . . . we did it - to Roseburg and back on Friday night. Hee Haw!
I came home from work and took care of a couple more details in the Fran packing department. About a half hour later, N and Fran, arrived back from her PT and a trip to Freddy's to pick up a prescription. We ate a snack, filled the water bottles and hit the road. We arrived at nearly 8 and Gwen had a thoughtful Figaro's dinner of pizza and calzone waiting for us. We ate and visited for about an hour and then hopped back in the Fyundai.
N, just left to his pre-concert rehearsal and I'm about to tackle the mess called, "home".
Ma and Pa, are driving down for a visit! :>)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ring, ring, telephone ring - I've got Linda Gray on the tellyphone

"Geez, Linda! I can't believe you didn't tell me about that meeting after school today!"
Me thinks she did it on purpose - to spare me from taking more minutes away from Fran. That would be just like that Linda. Besides, I think she already decided what they'd have me do for the "big guy's retirement". Wow, a slide show. Too bad we don't have an awesome computer with amazing editing software to use at school. {sigh} The good part of that is they won't be expecting anything amazing or awesome. ;>)
I stopped at Freddy's on the way home to pick up the girl's pain patches. I remarked to the pharmacist on how big the boxes were this time. "Yeah, but the patches are probably still as small. I bet they just made the box big." I should be used to companies doing that. I can still remember when software went from several floppies and a fat manual in a box, to a CD with a tri-fold insert inside of the same size of box. "rattle rattle"
Fran and I, hope to start getting her packed tonight. So we can leave as early as possible to take her down to Roseburg. I'm glad she gets a week with the boy. :>)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cautiously hopeful

It was my turn to take Fran to her PT appointment this afternoon. Therapist Kathy attended a conference this past weekend that was about what Fran may be dealing with. Kathy spoke to the teacher of the class about Fran and the teacher thinks it sounds like she may have scar tissue that has attached itself to her muscle. I'm not sure if that means her muscle wall or ??, but it sounds hopeful. Kathy said that she'll check around to see if she can find a massage therapist that specializes in the deep tissue/friction technique. In the mean time, Kathy is using her new information and trying things out on the girl.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dame Dench

I totally spaced out taping Masterpiece Theatre Sunday night. With F's help the episode of Cranford was taped at 3 AM this morning. If she hadn't double checked, only the last half would've been recorded. Thank you, F!
How sad that Cranford will only be 3 episodes long! Part one was delightful - full of quirky characters and sweet humorous bits sprinkled throughout. I can't wait for part 2. The VCR is already programmed. :>)

Woo Wee babee!

I don't believe it! There must be a mistake somewhere in amongst all these posts, but I think I'm finished switching over! Ya-hoooo!

I was hoping there would be more interest in posting on the Prock & Jansen blog. I hope it's not due to "ownership" issues. I'd rather it be due to being shy about being a blogger. That can be overcome with time. I have so few memories of G'ma and G'pa. I have more about the aunts and uncles.
I've been messing up which appointments N is in charge of. I had written down the opposite of what we had agreed upon on the home calendar, but had it right at work. Then I had a moment of concern about which days I had asked for a sub on. A little extra anxiety can't hurt, right???
F is up and cooking away after prepping piles of veggies. Hey girl! Where's my red meat? ;>)
I like the look of this new blog and it'll be nice to have all the blogs in one spot. I also like being able to post a movie that works from here instead of having people end up in my albums.
Well, I better go see if the girl needs a hand.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Poor F . . .

We should know better.
I feel like such a lousy mother when I'm so clueless about how much F is capable of in one afternoon. {sigh}
She's been wanting to go to Saturday Market AND to buy some herbs to make an herb garden in the backyard border. Saturday Market was as busy as I've ever seen it, but it was the first one of the season. The decent weather probably drew the people in, too. We browsed the aisles, ran into Sandy from my work with her oldest daughter and her mother-in-law. So many cute dogs!
Then we drove out of town to Bauman's Farm. They were also packed with people. We found some herbs, heirloom tomato plants and Marionberry scones. Fessler's Nursery, is out in the same area, so we decided to head out there as well. Good thought as far as conserving gas and time, but a bad idea to push F that far. She decided to stay outside rather than in the greenhouses, since navigating in the wheelchair in the graveled areas was particularly tough on her. The jostling of her body and having to use her feet to help budge the stuck chair took a lot out of her. Then it began to pour down rain a short while after we arrived. It was difficult and frustrating for F to stay out of the way of customers in the narrow greenhouse lanes.
Ah, but that wasn't enough suffering to subject her to! We also stopped to try out the new Sonic in town. She said it was okay, but I'm sure she just wanted to be home curled up on the couch.
Sorry F! I'll try to be a better advocate for you and not so selfish next time.
The good news is that the loaner for the recliner arrived this morning. Now we'll see how that works for her.

Friday, May 2, 2008

So . . . who's in charge of making the iced tea and fetching my slippers??

Today was one busy day. The clay lady, Mrs. Stecker, came and showed us how to add a dinosaur head and tail to our effigy pots. The bowls are going to be awesome. She's such an amazing art teacher.
We had so much help this morning, the process went fairly smoothly. This afternoon we were missing the 4 extra helpers, but we made it. It'll be interesting to see the difference in the finished products. Will the AM bowls look like an adult took too much control, compared with the more child finished PM bowls?
Our art is all stapled to the kiva walls for Evening of the Arts. One more item checked off the end of the year list. :>) I best get cracking on those science certificates.
F is busy making a veggie filled dinner and N is out for a bike ride. Me? I'm enjoying a beer and typing with you. I DID do some laundry and vacuum after work today. I'm not a TOTAL slacker.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A bit of a rush

When I was driving up our road on my way home to fix F's lunch this afternoon, I spotted a police car parked just above our driveway. As I pulled into the driveway, I began searching for any possible signs of a problem; front door closed, garage closed, gate closed, no sign of damage or people anywhere.
"F, is everything okay?"
"Yup! How come?"
Whew! I wonder if something happened to our diabetic neighbor up above. We've heard stories from neighbors about friends finding him unconscious in his house, after not hearing from him for a period of time. I hope he's okay.
T'was an exhausting day with the short people. I don't think it was them. But there was tension in the air.
Why does it bother me that one of the Salem Food bloggers posted about Applebee's this morning? I don't think it's just the restaurant choice. The spelling errors and the posting of half the menu bothered me, too. Is editing or spell checking so tough? Unless it's a casual communication, I feel it reduces the author's credibility and diverts my attention from what they had to say.
Hark! I hear laundry calling my name!