Friday, December 23, 2022

Henry Faulk's Christmas Story

December 9, 2005
The gifted storyteller and former radio broadcaster John Henry Faulk recorded his Christmas story in 1974 for the programVoices in the Wind.

Faulk was born to Methodist parents on August 21, 1913. The fourth of five children, he attended the University of Texas. For his master's thesis, he researched ten sermons in African-American churches and gained insight into the inequity of civil rights for people of color. He later taught English at the University and served as a medic in the Marines during World War II.

Before the John Henry Faulk Show debuted in 1951 on WCBS Radio, Faulk hosted numerous radio programs in New York and New Jersey.

He was blacklisted in 1957, but with (click here to read the rest on NPR) . . . 

Monday, December 5, 2022

A Covid Review?

Once Netflix removed Mad Men from it's streaming site, I decided to rewatch Grey's Anatomy. Originally we only watched the first 4-5 seasons, when F was in the recliner. So "rewatching" isn't quite the correct word, but that's what I'm watching while using the treadmill on the days I'm not video calling with one of my Washington cousins. I can't remember when I started the rewatch, but I recently began the seventeenth season.

What a surprise to begin that season!  Suddenly, it's all about the hospital employees working, living and watching people struggle and oft times die with Covid. And each episode feels like a hat tip to the medical community and all that they sacrificed. The melodrama still carries on amongst the covid stories, of course, as well as the humanity. 

Well done, Grey's Anatomy. Now I'm wondering what other series mirrored the pandemic.