Saturday, January 30, 2021

Sticky Memories

 Why oh why, do some memories stick in an easily accessible part of our brains, for such a long time? I'm certain I've lost a handful over the past couple of decades, but still--most of those brain stickers are still well stuck. I'm not complaining ... not usually.

There are two memories from my toddler time and I reckon there's good reason those two stuck. In both situations, it was all about wee me doing something that disgusted my teen sibs. And another, when I may have been a little older, of playing with a friend at their house, while my Mom was visiting with her friend and neighbor. Mom's friend had a console stereo and it was playing a catchy tune (that can still become an earworm, amazingly), Ragg Mopp. 

It hadn't occurred to me until very recently, that the reason I might remember Ragg Mopp, may have been entwined with the news my Mom and I, may have heard. Perhaps that was the day when we learned that her friend was getting a divorce and leaving with her children. 

You'd think the memories would include the sticking point. Or do they leave that section out to give us something to ponder in a pandemic. I know I've done my fair share of pandemic pondering. You?

Love, K

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nearly Normal, But Not

 Just days after I had written about missing anticipation, a real life opportunity arrived. My eldest sibling, the family matriarch, the person who helped raise our flock, until she had her own, was going to be in town. A brief stop, but we could meet. We hadn't been together since Thanksgiving 2019. 

Watches were synchronized, coats and masks were gathered, and (in great anticipation--the good kind) off we drove to the appointed location. The hourish visit, felt gloriously normal, except for the lack of a tight, warm embrace. We chatted, we laughed, kinda caught up, had to eventually remove glasses due to condensation overload. <happy sigh>

And then, like the recent snow, it was over and they were gone. There's a small depression trying to form inside my brain today. And then a realization: this is like the "after the party's over" feeling, isn't it? So ...  nothing new, just the usual running its course, but now there's possibly too much time for mulling. Pick yourself up, K, and pick a chore--any chore, but DO something. 

Love, K

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Today, I'm thankful for shelter and free entertainment. Thanks for the snow, weather gods!


Monday, January 25, 2021

What Do You Miss?

 I miss the anticipation.

The anticipation of a new day,

A new week,

A new month,

A new season.

I miss the anticipation.

Of a friend's company,

Of the unexpected,

Of spontaneity,

Of normalcy.

I miss you.

Love, K

{Musings over 10+ months into the Drumpf Era Pandemic 2020-2021}

Saturday, January 23, 2021

My Mess of a Nest

 Since our current situation began, I've unintentionally built myself quite the messy little nest, here at the dining room table. Maybe once, maybe twice, I've done some sorting of letters received, tossed the accumulated junk mail and made a small effort to tidy. But that's it. I spend more time in this chair, than ever before--not proud, but not ashamed. 

Of course, now that I'm sitting here writing and musing, there's a niggling urge to do some major tidying and maybe even washing this sad, pitiful tablecloth. Don't worry, that mood won't last. Most likely, I'll be distracted by something on the radio (Live Wire just started), or I'll remember something I wanted to tell N. 

Sometimes, not often, I think of creating a space for myself in the "futon room", where our office and N can be found. But ... I like view from here. The birds, squirrels, weather, neighbors and the changing light, provide enough. Enough for now. Love, K

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Treading the Mill?

 At least, eight years ago, I began using a tablet on the treadmill, to stream entertainment to keep me returning to take a good walk. Filed under--know thyself. Years before that, I used to listen to audiobooks while walking. Another good enticement to return, because (for me) that's what it's all about--creating a draw. Otherwise, because I know myself, I'll slowly quit/avoid/procrastinate. And then the self hate and guilt begins.You know what I mean ... I hope. 

But the *funny thing about the newer refurbished tablet--it has crappy sound. "You get what you pay for", was playing in my head, as I shopped for earbuds. Which made me wish my "bluetooth" hearing aides had been manufactured by a company (hoping Resound improves), that made an app for ALL of the phones and kept it up to date--not just the Apple app. Live and learn or live with it, because those brands very often do not stand behind their products beyond a year. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm very glad I have hearing aids and that my current insurance covers new ones every four years, but I'm eager for more innovation. I've read about some promising news about people creating better hearing aids. Hoping those innovations become mainstream SOON. I might be impatient. <shrug>   Love, K

"You Mean You Don't Weep at the Nail Salon?"


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Reality Helpful Hint

Awkward Words and Acts

 Years back, while enjoying lunch in the staff room with a coworker, my coworker asked why a certain part of my face looked the way it did (avoiding the specifics). At the time, I took a slight offense, but looking back, I think it was their way of expressing a concern and that there might be something out there to help. 

And then, several years after that, aggravated with the soles of my feet, I decided to quit using my pumice stone to see what would happen. (A callus strike?) What happened, was that another coworker gifted me a pumice stone, out of the blue. Again, I might have taken slight offense, but they were the ones who had to look at those heels.

Now, looking back, I see they were both just reaching out the only way they knew how, to help. Why do we handle such situations so poorly? Or is that just a sign of how awkward and unfleshed out a coworker relationship can be? Or ... a sign that we could all benefit from some communication skills? I know I could.

Love, K

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Reading in Bed--It's Where It's At

 One of our retirement schedule changes, included N deciding to take his shower before bed every night. When asked, he admitted to a desire to streamline the morning routine--with camping trips utmost on his mind. 

Then, there was one early or late-in-the-season trip we took, when he didn't adhere to the new routine. "What's up?", I asked, and was enlightened about the evening temperatures. Ever since he's been back on that horse, I'm left wondering, if it's my before bed reading habit that nudged this change.

I'm not often a "noisy reader", but I've had my moments. (Haven't you?) Even when I'm on the treadmill, watching a show on a tablet, I oft times laugh out loud or exclaim loudly. Not sure why I told you about N's schedule change--pretty sure it has zero to do with what I hoped to write. Seriously. {Um, K, did you forget what you were writing about?} Maybe.

Last night, as I read the author's paragraphs, the family in the story, was circulating some somewhat shocking sibling news. But, as each of them mused through this moment, they were caught up in a detail. And that distracting detail, was "egg in a cup, with soldiers". They seemed stalled by a sweet childhood food memory, that carried them to a moment, unbothered with the troubling sibling news. And there I was, right there with them, remembering that special sick-in-bed meal Mama would make. <sigh> And it's possible, I may have made some noise.

Love, K 💓

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Teenage Banjo Protegy

 Her first song sounded like water tumbling over the stones in a lively creek or river, but that Stevie Wonder tune surprised . . .

No Words


Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Moment ... or Blog-a-rama

 As I began to settle, before sleep last night, the memory of a small social blip appeared. There was a brief moment, local & national--perhaps global, when many started blogging and finding others nearby on social media--Twitter, mainly. 

The blogging is what I remember most. For a time, it seemed like there were more blogs than a person could easily keep up with--with new ones continuing to pop up. We'd read and comment on each other's blogs, we created "blog rolls" on our own blogs, to encourage readers to check-out what else was out there. 

Then one day, we started planning get togethers--with people we felt we knew, but had never met. Was so great, meeting the people who belonged to those Twitter handles/names! Who knew it would be so brief? 

Is there a name for such moments? Perhaps it's what happens in the beginning of something new--folks rushing in at the start and then gradually eroding to a small handful. Whatever it was, I'm glad I was there and in it. It was a delightful, nearly glorious moment. Love, K