Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Daze

Wow! Lunch out with work buds on Tuesday, breakfast out with friend Shirley on Wednesday. What interesting events will today hold? Besides Sara's appointment with Leslie.
Two reviews written, one posted, the second is waiting on the weekend. I'm enjoying this writing and sharing thing.
Oh and today will be my seventh day with my new hearing aids. It's so nice to be able to hear the things I've been missing again. Hopefully, a noisy day in class doesn't find me running towards the exit. :>O
Occupying a space in the refrigerator is a perishable package that needs to be delivered to Seal Rock. A slightly different turn of events and UPS would have delivered it for me, but now it's waiting for Monday. I was going to mail it today, but it occurred to me that it would sit in a truck or warehouse all weekend. I'm sure it would be fine, but I'd rather not take the chance.
Lise will be on the road soon and Izzy will be here in a couple of days. So much to look forward to.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Up On The Roof video - Saturday edition

Huge, enormous thank yous to Ken, Karen, Papa, Mom and Jon!
What a gift to have this task done!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

There's no place like Home . . . Depot?

What a day!
So much progress up on the roof!
Sissy K and I, ended up going to Home Depot 3 times with another trip planned tomorrow.
I'm beat! I don't know how N is still vertical. Oh good! He's stretched out on the couch now.
I wish good rest to both K & K. :>)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Busy Wednesday

I hope I supervised Fran enough today . . .
We went downtown to browse the Wednesday Market booths. Nice to run into people I know. Zoe! You're so tall - compared to when you were a short person. ;>) There were plenty of people as well as produce, but I think I'm getting used to the crowd and how to maneuver the girl. I had to stifle a giggle today. We got close to (but didn't touch) a vegetable browser. She reacted like a hornet had stung her on the ankle. I wonder if she had something horrible happen to her as a child - and a wheelchair was involved. doo-doo, doo-doo {no I didn't step in anything, that was Twilight Zone music, silly}

We came home. She fell asleep while I ate my Reuben sandwich from our favorite bakery.
When she woke up she was ready to do battle with the chickens and the vegetables and the cake. Whew! I tried to take the upper hand and keep her from working too hard. She kept a good attitude. BUT now she's back . . . STOP!

I had to include a pic of the "old saw". N and I had to say some words over her today, after her demise. "She was a good old saw. Kept on going, even when her cord was sawed through - twice."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday afternoon video of the roof

Customer Service

Just had a check-up at Withnell Hyundai. Such warm fuzzy feelings when you don't have to pay to have your oil changed, get your car vacuumed and the windows washed. Aha! Now that I can see the new window dings, I should get their repair on the calendar.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scanning, masking and editing produce

Da roof! Da roof!

Is it my imagination, or is something about to happen round here??

Mandi & Eric's wedding

Despite what Reggie tried to tell us, we made it to the church on time.
Every time I attend a wedding, I forget how each church applies their own rituals to the ceremonies. Maybe I don't think it warrants a room in my brain? And then we add our own performances.
I loved how Mandi and Eric sashayed out of the church to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours". The parents (Steve and Linda) hired someone to roast a pig to feed everyone, as well as steak and chicken. It was a great barbecue spread and the wine and beer flowed freely. So many little children!! Oh my! It prompted a couple (who will remain nameless) to proclaim that THEIR children will be well behaved at the next wedding in August. While toasts were being made, a loud congregation of children gathered around the cake table, daring each other to see how close their finger could get without actually touching. I decided I didn't need any cake. ;>)
It was good to sit and talk to Kim, Kern, Florri, Tim and Carol.
I think we made it home a little after midnight. Whew!
Be aware these pics were taken with a telephone. I just pointed and pushed. I apologize for the quality.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

To Market and a ride on the red eye

We're doing a good job of staying on a schedule that will get all 3 of us down to investigate the Salem Public Market. Fran has been looking up the local farmer's markets online and in the paper. She's hoping to find the best resource for locally grown veggies. I went to the Salem Public Market years ago with Shirley. I don't have much of a memory of that visit except that it was inside with friendly vendors and it seemed so early in the morning to me. I mean 8-12 on a Saturday?? ;>)
Around 2, N and I will head to Bend for Mandy and Eric's wedding. When it's over, we'll turn right around and make that drive home. Whew! Don't forget the CD wallet, K!
We hooked the laptop up to the TV and watched part three of Dr. Horrible. That show is awesome! What a great idea that group had to stay occupied during the long strike.
Fran and I, had a busy day yesterday. We started off with a visit to Leslie, shopped at PetCo, looked for a cheap play yard at ToysRus, bought a couple of mochas and then went to her appointment with Dr. Weeks. We asked her for the stronger pain patches, got a referral (thank you Cathy!) to the osteopath in Portland and showed her the edema yet again. We headed towards home, stopped at Freddy's to drop off the prescription and picked up some produce. The girl was pretty wiped last night, but we had a good time together.

Friday, July 18, 2008


I was so disappointed to have missed Gwen's memorial service yesterday evening. Even with cell phones, there is only so much communicating a couple can do though.
I waited at home for N, but he was on an agonizing hour and a half long phone conversation with a woman in a tax payer program - where the state pays her property taxes. She's selling and now she's not happy that she owes those taxes to the state. What a shame she forgot what a deal she's been getting. Must've been tough to see yet another charge on the amount she had hoped to be getting from the house she sold. N said she was a fast talker, but didn't vary from her message much. He was wishing I had called him a second time so he would've had an excuse to get off the phone.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

That amazing orange tree . . . does every other house have one?

One day, N decided to take one of the seeds from the orange in his lunch and planted it at work. I didn't know, until we moved to Salem and discovered there would be one house plant he didn't want to leave behind in the compost pile. It's grown a little since then, hasn't it? There were a couple of white fly infestations he pulled it through and an unexpected freeze that knocked it back a bit. It's not as temperamental now that's it's older. That or he has the timing down pat of when to bring it in and out of the garage each fall and spring.
When we flew to Virginia and met L's in-laws, what was out on their deck? Her father-in-law's pride and joy. An orange tree he grew from a seed in his lunch.

Simon's Cat #3 "TV Dinner"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Everyone in the pool!

Mmmmm, broccoli salad from Break Point!! Broccoli, sunflower seeds, red grapes, red onion, bacon and a light, sweet mayo based dressing. When I made it, the dressing wasn't quite right. Guess it's time to try again.
I took Fran to her pool PT therapy this afternoon and I even went in the pool. (no kidding, Jon!) The smallish pool is about the temperature of bath water. Fine for light activity, but I'm sure it wouldn't work to swim laps in. Cathy showed me how she presses into a couple of Fran's muscles to relax them, to help alleviate some of her pain. I told Fran that she's going to have to be very direct with me when I try. I want to do it right, not just be told "that's okay" the next time around.
After PT, we drove over to Salem Clinic to drop off the two big jugs from her 24 hour urine collection. Finally!!
Then we went to Reader's Guide to look at cookbooks. We ended up talking (a couple of times) to another customer. Very sweet. Thought she was going to come home with us at the end. ;>)
Almost time to head downtown for my blood date with N.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Izzy (Isabel) will join the family on July 33

We've known about Kathi and her schnauzers for a couple of years. I can't remember if I found her on the web first or heard about her from co-workers. Fran and I, were going to go down and see her puppies last summer, but she had sold her last two on the same day I contacted her. I "refound" her website earlier this summer and noticed that she's been managing the site on her own and keeping it up to date. And then we made the leap and made contact with her to arrange a visit.
It was a warm, but beautiful day yesterday when all 4 of us hopped in the car to drive down to Brownsville. Thanks to Reggie, we found Kathi's place easily. A couple had arrived before us to take home the 4 month old, black, schnauzer that had charmed N with his Gretel face on Kathi's webpage. We took turns holding the white 4 month old puppy while looking at the 5 week old babies. It was hard not taking the white one home. Such a sweet personality and so cuddly! Plus - the potty training is already done.
We decided on this black female and Fran chose the name Izzy. Kathi emailed this morning and said she'll begin calling her by name. :>)
On the way home, we were caught in the stop and slow traffic from a two vehicle blow out accident, but we didn't care. We were on a puppy high.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is for you Gwen Haight

I'll miss you Gwen.
Your gentle, kind spirit, your sense of humor, your honesty.
I'm glad I had the chance to get to know you and work with you over the past several years.
You were a gem.
I wish you peace.
With Love,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Telling stories on ourselves . . .

N rode his bike into work today. He was finally up early enough for the extra long trip, in spite of his wife sleeping in. This morning, I had called Salem Clinic to get Fran in (5:30) to see Dr. Weeks about her rash and edema in her hip area. I emailed N to let him know we wouldn't be home when he got off work, but forgot to mention that we also needed to stop off at Costco to pick-up several prescriptions. Jon, Fran and I, didn't get home until 7:30 and immediately noticed that the truck was missing. Our first thought was, "he's gone on a bike ride". And then our second thought was, "why would he go for a bike ride when he rode his bike to and back from work?". Before we could go on to our next thought, the door opened and N's head popped out. We looked at him and asked where the truck was. We all must've had silly looks on our faces, because he thought we were joking. When we finally convinced him we were serious and even more concerned, he dialed the Salem Police to report a stolen truck. I was still having a hard time believing anyone would come all the way out to our little lane and take a big truck in broad daylight, but the proof was tough to ignore. Fran emerged from the bathroom (thinking room) and solved the mystery. "We forgot to pick-up the truck after our trip to Portland yesterday!" N immediately got back on the phone to tell the police to cancel the bulletin. And then we laughed ourselves silly. To save time yesterday, we picked N up from work and then drove up to OHSU. We were too preoccupied with digesting our day and seeing Jon again to remember the truck was downtown.

Don't know much about history

Here's one of the sites N and I, came across last night while looking up the history of Pixie Land and the Pixie Kitchen. So much cool stuff to browse through. It's interesting how many amusement parks there used to be in just Portland and yet it was a time when many families couldn't afford that luxury. There are some great photos of young Portland, too.
I called and made Fran an appointment with Dr. Weeks regarding the swelling/edema in her hip area and the rash that comes and goes.
I should vacuum today, but with the two young people snoozing away it just seems cruel.
Yes, I have been known to be cruel. Not today, though, maybe tomorrow. ;>)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

N's 57 today!

Sara and I, found a shirt for N's birthday with an icon of a long gone restaurant N and I ate at on our honeymoon. A blast from the past! The Pixieland was no longer there in 1978, but we did eat at the Pixie Kitchen.

Where did the day go?

We arrived about 20 minutes early to the Multnomah Pavilion. Good thing, too. They wanted us to go down a floor and over to the next Pavilion to the Adult Pulmonary Function Lab. We could hear the man urging Sara to "go, go, go!", from the waiting room. You would've thought there was someone watching a football game in the next room.
When she was done, we wheeled back over and up to the Multnomah Pavilion. Nurse Anna, called us back, took care of all the little hallway details and after a couple trips up and down the hall discovered that the 3 rooms she had just cleaned and prepped were full from an adjoining clinic. She was trying to be good humored about it, as were we.
She finally had to take us back out to the waiting area.
Later, when they found us a room, the Russian pulmonary fellow, came in and told Sara that the lung function (spirometer) test she took for the second time since her hospitalization showed improvement. She's now at the low end of normal. Since the other tests were done today for the first time, there was nothing to compare them to, but they're pretty sure that the membrane in the bottom of her lungs has scar tissue and this is slowing down the process that gets oxygen into your blood. He told us that the surgeon (Dr. Shephard) he had asked to do a consult on Sara, couldn't find a hernia in the films. So that's why we never heard back. They operate in an interesting way up there. Must be a symptom of being so big? I think he wants to assist us in any way he can, but it's clear there are limitations going this route.
We really need to sit down and do what needs to be done to get copies of all of her medical records. That way, when we find out which direction to head, we'll have everything the new doctor needs.
On our way out of the Portland area, we picked up Jon-the-globe-trekker-come-home. Who is this shaggy man??
We're going to start watching a slide show soon, but first I better whip up a crazy cake for the man.

Back to the OHSU

The old back is much better today. I can walk like a normal person. That'll teach me! Do an exercise I haven't done for a long time as if I never stopped. What a dope! Ease into it, K!
It's nearly time to leave for Fran's second check back with OHSU's pulmonary department. She began researching lung function tests last night. I'd forgotten that they told her they would be doing more lung tests this time.
She woke with a big, red, blotchy rash on her face, that's beginning to head down her neck. This is the third episode she's had over probably since the beginning of the year. She took a Benadryl to ease the itching and maybe the rash. Very strange.
I'll check in later.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I love Steve Carell

That said, now to give my opinion of Evan Almighty.
Remember those old Don Knotts' movies;
The Incredible Mr. Limpet,
The Reluctant Astronaut,
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?

When the movie was over last night that's what popped into my head. It was mostly fun, but it felt like a vehicle for Steve's brand of comedy AND for family viewing (not that there's anything wrong with that). I wouldn't recommend it for the story or for it being the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. The story was pretty much what you'd expect from that type of movie - transparent, predictable. It's the talent they bring to this type of film that makes it fun to watch.
I would only recommend it if you really, truly love Steve.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good eye, Lise!

4th of July in D.C.
but you always were good at composition :>) Oh, and thanks for adding your adventure story on your blog!

My review on Eat Salem is up today. :>)

The Morning After

Boy howdy, did the man and I sleep in this morning! Might have had to do with staying up late, but it was sure easy to ignore that sunlight pouring in the bedroom window.
He made us a delicious, hearty, country breakfast, with sliced potatoes, onions, tomatoes, JDean sausage and eggs, while I took my shower.
Thanks, N!
Then we motored out to run some errands.
The gas station part of Costco wasn't backed up like the past 4 days, but inside was just as busy. That human blend of impatient shoppers and clueless browsers, that make you (and you're sure you don't fall into either category) feel like you are taking your life into your hands whenever you pull out into an empty space to venture forward to your next task.
Fran's working on dinner and N's out installing new eave vents. The prep before the roof.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Go Forth

Fran and I, have been bonding over TV today. First we stumbled upon a repeat of Miss Austen Regrets, a wonderful dramatization of what Jane Austen's life may have been like, and then the latest BBC version of Emma. Now we're hip deep in a NCIS marathon.

I fed the tuba player feta, sun-dried tomato, oregano, turkey burgers (pictured above) before sending him on his way to the grassy field in Lebanon. I hope he hits the parking lot's window of escape just right tonight.

Lisa and James, called from D.C. to find out what the Doppler radar for their area looked like. So far they've experienced two downpours. No matter, they'll be glad they made a point to see the fireworks show at the Nation's capitol before moving West.


N and I, are either too absorbed in our morning internet surfing to care about food OR it's a "breakfast standoff". Maybe it's because we're both fairly sure there aren't enough eggs to make anything much and so - oatmeal can wait? Maybe our blueberry dessert it still sticking to our ribs? Or maybe we feel entitled to a lazy morning.

Yesterday, Fran suffered throughout the day and night as the result of her PT appointment. I'm concerned that there will be a big gap in her treatment, since it's time for Dr. Weeks to assess whether to continue with PT.

N and one of the resident squirrels are having a conversation. The squirrel's probably telling him to go back in the house. "Thees is OUR time to scramble all over your yard, the trees and eat the bird food! Stupeed human, go back inside!"
Hmmmm, time for a coffee refill . . . .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Purple Haze?

No, more of a nice misleading grey.
Raindrops began to hit the windshield at the end of Fran's and my busy day today. I thought, with relief, this must be the end of these hazy skies blown up from California's fires. The raindrops may have lasted 5 or 10 minutes, depending on when you considered them worth timing. The sky does look a little more blue. Not much, but I'll take it.
Late this morning, the girl asked me to wash her hair. And then wanted to know if I would take her downtown to the Wednesday Market. "Yes! Why?" "I need to get out." Yes, you do, Fran, yes you do.
I was glad she felt up to it. I remembered where I had spotted empty parking spots during our last drive through. Thankfully, one was waiting for us and we didn't even have to circle the block. Court Street, is just a block away from the street where the booths are lined up. Yay for convenience! I ended up getting a hello and hug from Delaney and Bridgette and Fran found Swiss chard, radishes and basil. We wheeled over to the Reed Opera House to one of her favorite stores, Cherry Redd. She found a tee she liked. Then we headed West on State to Cascade Bakery. She found some day old sourdough bread and I picked out some day old Marionberry scones. We drove home to put the greens in the fridge and to let the girl rest for a short while before heading back into town for her PT appointment. After an hour of her working hard for Kathy and the promise/threat of going into the pool next week, we went to BiMart to pick up a few odds and ends. On our way there, Salem Clinic called to say her pain patch prescription was ready to be picked up. Nothing like getting a bunch done in one day! After picking up the prescription we stopped at StarBucks for a treat and then dropped it off at Freddy's pharmacy. She was past ready to head home.
She's sleeping in the recliner now. I just hope I didn't put her back in hibernation for yet another day or two.

It's Not My Fault

Here's a great video I found on this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time-out for tea & scones in Stayton

Shirley and I, decided to give the new Gardner House Cafe in Stayton a try this morning.
I'm adding my review here, since it may be awhile until it appears on Eat Salem
So many beautiful memories she and Dan took with their cameras on their vacation! And I only looked a the first few days worth of photos!

"I was anxious to hear more about my friend's cruise, but she didn't have a way to meet me for breakfast in Salem. I suggested I pick her up and we visit the newly opened Gardner House Cafe in Stayton, near her home. The cafe wasn't hard to find since my friend is familiar with the area and remembered driving past the bed and breakfast on 633 N Third.
We walked up the path, past the fountain, the Ginkgo tree and up the stairs to the front door. Once inside, we admired the old fashioned flowered drapes with lace curtains and the sunny yellow walls. There were about 5 tables in the dining area immediately inside the front door, nicely lit from the sunlight coming in the windows that look out onto the front porch. One of the owners, peeked in and said he'd be right with us. He invited us into the next room to taste their scones and choose our tea. Their generous samples of lemon lavender, orange cranberry & coconut chocolate chip scones, helped us make our selections. The owner suggested we try a pot of their "creamsicle roobios" tea. In addition, we each chose a bowl of fruit. My tender, orange cranberry scone had a nice balance of flavors and wasn't overly sweet. While neither my friend nor I could taste the "creamsicle" in the roobios tea, it's light fruity flavor was a nice accompaniment to the scones and melon balls. I liked how the china cups and saucers added a special touch to our table. On our way out we mentioned we were going for a walk and the owner helpfully told us that The Covered Bridge Park was just 5 blocks from the cafe. The stroll to the picturesque bridge and fir shaded park was a nice finish for our morning together."

Happy Birthday Sissy K!