Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Gluten Free Bread Mix Experimentation

Now that half of our two person household is gluten intolerant, I've been slowly finding solutions/products that will hopefully help with changing long time favorite recipes from being tossed into the bin. Recently, I did a search for Simple Mills bread mix, to see what others have created with the mix. 

I've had a box sitting in the pantry for a couple of months and realized I just needed a little community reassurance regarding what options others have discovered while experimenting with the GF mix. This blog, was the first to pop up in the search results. And, to be honest, I didn't look at other results, because I liked the idea of using a "muffin top" pan (which always makes me think of Seinfeld) to make burger buns. 

The first thing I realized (too late)-- I hadn't read the blog carefully enough, before ordering a muffin top pan. I went with a company I've had experience with, which makes a 3" muffin top as opposed to 4 1/2" muffin tops. I went ahead with the baking, because --dang it-- these making/baking moods need to be taken advantage of when they alight. 

I followed the directions on the package for "dinner rolls", portioned out the batter into the 12 muffin top indentations, baked for the required number of minutes. Not only did they turn out well, but they didn't stick to the pan I forgot to grease. They are on the smallish side, but now that I know it works well, I'll go get the larger muffin top pan for the next batches. Then the next tasty step will be using them with either pulled pork or a hamburger. Wahoo.

Love, K 

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Drooling While Reading

I've been having a problem with the current novel. Some novels are difficult to put down and others can be difficult to get into, depending on reader's expectations or mood or ?. My pen pal cousin and I are reading this book together for the month of June. So yesterday I sent cousin a text sharing my book lapse. Typing it out and reading her reply seemed to be the encouragement I needed to take that book out to the deck for an hour or more. 

During that hour, as the main character was dining alone in his hotel restaurant, he recommended a dish to a pair of young nearby diners. Along with the recommendation was his detailed delicious memory of that dish, Latvian Stew: 

“...the onions thoroughly caramelized, the pork slowly braised, and the apricots briefly stewed, the three ingredients came together in a sweet and smoky medley that simultaneously suggested the comfort of a snowed-in tavern and the jangle of a Gypsy tambourine.”

Of course my stomach insisted I had to put the book down, pick up my phone and do a quick search. That's when I discovered a blog post written by another reader who stopped mid-read to savor the tasty words. Reassuring to know I'm not as strange as I often fear. 

Love, K

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Streaming from 2021-Present


Only Murders in the Building

Jon Stewart

Mr. Roosevelt

Captain Fantastic


Home Before Dark

Water for Elephants

The Good Lie

On Our Feet

Dune (new)

African Elephant

Colin Kapernik

Begin Again

Bonus Family



Pursuit of Love

The King

The Shrink Nextdoor (limited series)


Electrical Life of Louis Wain

Tick Tick Boom

Robin Robin

The Song of Lunch


Power of the Dog

Ride the Eagle

Outside In

The 2nd Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Rewrite

Steady Habits

Red Joan

Swan Song

Crooked House

Cinderella Man

Little Shop of Horrors


Being the Ricardos

Don't Look Up

Lost Daughter


The Courier


Hunderby (UK series)

Separate Tables

Monarch of the Glen (Scottish series)

A Tender Bar

Star Struck

Together Together

On Chesil Beach

Falling for Figaro


Anxious People

My Father's Violin


Something Borrowed

My Dog Stupid

Railway Man


Someone Somewhere


Woman in the Window (series)

Fisherman's Friends

The Miniaturist

Inventing Anna (limited series)

Westside Story

Drive My Car

Bright Star

Everything Must Go

The Guilty

Adam Project

Life and Beth

Thing About Pam (series)

The Half of It

Phantom Thread

Ben Franklin: Ken Burns

Julia (HBO series)

When We Die

Righteous Gemstones (HBO series)

Old Enough (Japanese series)


Closer (2004)


Mr. Harry Lights a Candle

The House

Friday Night Dinner (UK series)

Staircase (NF series)


Last Tango

Michael Clayton

Love & Marriage (BBC series)

Made for Love

Troop Zero

The Last Duel

White Lies (New Zealand indie)