Thursday, May 18, 2023

Spring Streaming ...

Shrinking (series)

Door Prize (series)

Ted Lasso (final season)

Love Inevitably (series)

Murder Mystery 2 (movie)

Lincoln Lawyer (series)

Inside Man (movie)

Rita (series)

Ticket to Paradise (movie)

Acapulco (series)

Michael: Tuesday & Thursday (series)

RRR (movie LONG)

Tom Jones (series PBS)

Mrs. Maisel (series new season)

You People (movie, modern day Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?)

A Man Called Otto (movie, not as good as A Man Called Ove, but still worth a watch)

The Last Thing He Told Me (series)

Sweet Tooth (series, new season)

Air (movie)

Platonic (series)

The Diplomat (series)

and a lot of Beaver baseball. Go Beavs!