Monday, March 31, 2008

To post or to postpone. . .

So beautiful out there right now. I haven't checked yet, but I understand we're in for more blue sky days. It feels good to be able to take the short people out on the track. I plan on continuing to have them do a lap whenever possible at recess time. Even if the school never does the "Walk Across America" group effort again. We all need to learn at a young age, that our bodies are capable of jogging a quarter mile and still have the energy left for playing. This winter, many of the kids commented on how doing the track kept them warmer on cold days. Isn't that higher level thinking?? :>)
It was good to be back after break. I know I'm probably not supposed to say that, but I miss the small folk and the daily schedule. I read, "The Tin Forest" and "Grandpa Gazillion's Number Yard" in library and then we went into the computer lab and I had them draw a vase of flowers on Kid Pix. After seeing how several of the AMers took the picture detail a step farther, I went ahead and modeled more detail for the PMers. Yes, they do benefit from my chance to have do-overs.
Time to go run some errands with F.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

back in the driveway again . . .

Apache Camping Center called yesterday. "Your trailer roof replacement is complete. Can you pick it up today?" Instead of a plastic roof, it's sporting aluminum now. The looks haven't changed, though. I'm glad co-owner, Kevin, at Apache went the extra 10 yards to make sure Fleetwood kept up their end of the warranty.
J drove down to Roseburg yesterday afternoon to spend the night before heading home to Ashland. By the time we returned from our errand he was packed up and gone.
F made us a delicious roasted cauliflower dish for dinner last night. I didn't know that was possible. Delicious cauliflower?? She also made a sugar snap pea stir fry with marinated tofu to go with it. So good!
We watched Venus from Netflix. It should have been creepy to watch - the old man and the young woman, but it was interesting to watch their stories and see how they each benefited from their odd relationship. I felt like the young woman benefited the most, but probably because of her age and how many possible days she had left to enjoy her renewed perspective on life.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last Saturday of March

Boy, oh boy, did it snow on our way home from Costco last night! Crazy! It's cold out there this morning, but no white flakes or hail left behind. (nevermind, it's snowing a bit now)
N, sat at the computer most of the day yesterday. If there had been a door to slide food under, that's how he would've received his meals. ;>) I encouraged periodic stretching to keep the blood circulating in his legs.
I read and did laundry and made the meals that might have been slipped under the door, if there had been one.
F & J, went out later in the day to continue the search for a wallet for J. Then F remembered that she had a prescription to pick-up at Costco. So they drove home to pick us up and take us along. J bought some salmon and they cooked that to go with the leftover polenta casserole for dinner. Mmmmm! I lit candles for F. I know how much she hates fish, let alone the lingering smell.
We watched a Boston Legal and then a couple of Veronica Mars before bed.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Feelin' Squirrelly . . .

It's drizzling out there right now, but the flower buds on the cherry trees are getting pinker and more prominent every day. The day lilies are about 7" out of the ground and the bleeding hearts and oxalis are beginning to show themselves.
Yesterday, N delved deeper into the taxes and deeper into despair. It probably wouldn't hurt quite so much if we hadn't found out we need to replace the roof, too. Why couldn't the discovery of those two things be a few months or more apart?? bleh
J's mom stopped by on her way up north. She traded vehicles with him and then went on her way to IKEA and to help her step-daughter plan her upcoming wedding.
N and I, picked up the repaired screen and window. Nice to have the house look a little less white trashy. ;>)
F and J, went out shopping for a new wallet for J. I'm glad she's getting opportunities to get up and out of the house. We're not always good at that.
F and J, made a polenta casserole for dinner while N and I, dashed over to Costco to buy the second season of Veronica Mars. Oh and milk, too. Maybe I have the order of my priorities mixed up??
We're two episodes into the second season. What's going to happen to poor, poor Logan??

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue skies :>)

It's darned cold out there, but I'm glad the sky is blue. The NOAH forecast still looks dismal, so I'm grateful for these blue bits.
N and I, took a screen and window in for repair yesterday. Then we stopped somewhere that used to repair appliances, looking for new drip pans for the stove. They've retired from that end of their business and suggested a couple of other places we could check. We opted for the little guy around the corner. Talk about depressing! He could get us the parts - at a total of $255. When we said we'd have to think about it, he began to tell the sad story of how he ekes by repairing appliances and selling refurbished ones. He's become more of a recycler than anything else. I wanted to tell him that that part of his business will probably pick up, since it's become an environmental issue to ship our junk to China and Japan. That and the price of scrap metal.
In the afternoon, all 4 of us drove up to Bridgeport. We shopped at Whole Foods and then ate at California Pizza Kitchen. We arrived home just in time to feed F her dinner and to watch the last Veronica Mars we borrowed from L.
F did well for her busy day - she made waffles before we left. I hope she was able to sleep last night.
N and I, finally got a good nights sleep. It helps to have the waterbed heater plugged in. :>O That's what I get for vacuuming in corners - hypothermia. I wonder who would've found our bodies? hahahaha!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

With Zuzie's supervision

Oh good! Zuzie has quit kneading my arm. That wouldn't have helped with the typing. Especially, with this challenging keyboard. Some keyboards don't respond well when you remove the space bar to tidy them up inside. Probably the ones under $15? Ya think??
F, ended up snoozing for the first part of the day yesterday. She had such a good start, too. She put together her own cereal and berries, spent a long time getting ready in the bathroom and then came out and collapsed on her bed. I think it's hard for her to remember that she's still a weakling.
She did get rested enough to make us a dinner of turkey burgers with chipolte katsup and bleu cheese with roasted potatoes. Thank you, F! :>)
We watched an episode of Veronica Mars and then the Riches last night. Almost too much suspense for me in one evening! ;>)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where's my list?

Sleeping in feels like such a lazy luxury and yet I struggle with the desire to get things done during this time. Guess which "activity" won?
The four of us watched a couple of sitcoms last night and then plugged Veronica Mars into the DVD player. So addictive! Who killed Lily? Why did V's mom leave town?
It was good to see F smiling and giggling with J last night.
I ended up making a Cooking Light recipe (penne and chicken with spiced tomato sauce) with gluten free pasta and roasted asparagus tossed with balmasic vinegar and olive oil. Very good, but next time I'll make the spiced tomato sauce correctly. I didn't notice until the very end that I was supposed to use powdered fennel instead of the seed I added. And that was with my glasses . . .
A whole, entire month without regular emails from my sis, K. bleh! I told her that I'm going to forget how to write emails.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Are my eyes mistaken, or did it really stop raining for the day?

F felt lousy for most of the day yesterday and N and I, did our best to tread lightly. Towards evening she began to feel better and started moving around a bit. She even made some honey roasted almonds.
In the afternoon, N and I, went to Fred's and found a few more gluten free items for her - snacky stuff. The bread and muffins tend to be on the dense side, since you have to use different flours. I wish we had some kind of idea as to how long we should try this diet. We've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It makes sense that it would take awhile, if things need to heal in the colon.
N began the process of taxes yesterday. Most of day was spent downloading account info from the web and labeling the transactions. When I went to bed, I suggested that perhaps it wouldn't be wise to wake me to ask such questions as, "what's Stone Mt.?".
I did some vacuuming in hidden corners yesterday. When is that new recliner going to arrive?? I'd like F to be at a better angle when she's resting. Better for the lungs and better for digestion.
Ah, a Mourning Dove is on the ground under the feeder. They're usually in groups of 5 or more. "Where's your posse, Pigeon?" Do they consider that a derogatory term??
J is probably getting ready to leave Roseburg to head up here soon. That'll cheer the girl up. :>)
UPDATE: J just arrived. :>) F is napping after being pretty darned busy. She de-cluttered the pie safe and the cook books for me. I should start the process of washing curtains (well, maybe tomorrow . . .)

Nothing to cheer a person up like a parade of kindergartners with colorful umbrellas.

Veggies rule!

It was quite a boost to N and I, to see F get up and join us in the kitchen last night. Sure, maybe she did lay on the floor, but it's a big change from the couch. Then she went to the fridge, took out the vegetables she wanted, took them to the dining room table (chair to sit in) and began to chop them up for a recipe she wanted us to make for dinner. Yay!!
Well, so much for N escaping THE BUG. Night before last, I thought it was safe to remark on how I couldn't believe he didn't catch it. Yesterday, during work he began to feel it creeping up on him and by last night it was raging full force. Poor N!! So, F and I caught it before OHSU, Lisa caught it during and N after. When is Zuzie the cat's turn??

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy day for the girl

We just now convinced Zuzie that INSIDE is so much better for a feline. It took the threatening roar of the rototiller to urge her towards the open door, but she's in and probably feeling proud of her slippery escape between my feet.
F started off her day making a batch of chocolate, coconut, meringue cookies. She rested for a bit and then we used her new shower bench to give her a long, relaxing shower. Afterwards, I slathered her in Cetaphil cream and then she cocooned in her room for a snooze. She's spent the past 2 hours on the deck in the sunshine. She's been staining and now sketching guidelines on a wood saucer. She'll use wine corks for the center and decorate the outer edge. She said that the patch isn't any stronger than the oxycodone, but she likes the steady dosage.
N, has spent the day on yard work, lubing the trailer's wheels/hubs and rototilling the compost into different areas of the yard.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


N has a concert tonight. Should be a fun one. What a shame we can't watch it online! ;>
I need to get the boy into the habit of writing everything on the calendar. Doesn't matter if he told me once or twenty times. If it's not on the calendar . . .
It's time for me to get off my butt and get busy around here. At the very least - wash the bed linens!
UPDATE: Well, the bed linens did get washed. That's SOMETHING.
Here's an interesting story:

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday Appointment

I think F was a little tense about getting out of the house yesterday - getting jostled in the car, walking farther than usual, enduring mother's maneuvering of the wheel chair. We survived though. :>) And she was still talking and joking with me at the end.
It took awhile to bring Dr. Nair up to speed about what happened up at OHSU. Then he read us his notes from the last appointment. He reiterated his concerns about going in for surgery without knowing what he was looking for and possibly causing F more pain. He explained where he would make the incisions and how many "ports" he would make/use. He also told us that he wants us to get the gyno ultrasound completed, have a check back with Dr. Goodenburger and to start seeing a therapist just in case the laparoscopy doesn't show anything.
I had hoped to give F a good "bed bath" last night, but after vacuuming and tidying up I was too wiped. Sorry F! :>(
She's going to have company today - Unkie Chuck, Kasey and Nathaniel. Guess I better make sure they can get in the house.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slip slipping away

A co-worker aided my befuddlement that perhaps today was the 6th. I went so far as to change my watch, thinking how it made sense with leap day. What a dope I am! Guess it can't hurt to relearn how to change the date on the watch once in awhile - I guess.
Oh my goodness, the short people were so chatty today. During science I had to keep stopping the video and then ask them why I did. And it wasn't like they were being rude, they just have so much they want to share with me after my long absence. Tiny DeeDee appeared in my lap during one of the group viewings of the video - chatter chatter chatter in that teeny tiny voice. Makes me wish I could sit and visit with each and every one in a picnic setting.
I think I need to work on streamlining doing lunch at home with F. I seem to be returning later and later. Today I walked in with the PM kindergartners. Bill said to take whatever time I need, but it still feels like taking advantage. He spoke to me yesterday about how good it was to have me back and hoped that F was getting better. He said that he wished our children thought twice before making certain decisions and taking us over the cliff with them. I didn't process that remark until later, "what did Bill mean by that? does he think F suffered a drug overdose?!" :>O As soon as I got home I penned an email to him to clarify how she ended up in the hospital, just in case he had heard wrong. He called me into his office this morning to reply to my email. "That's just one of those things I say. I certainly didn't mean it that way." And then went on to tell me that his wife is also sensitive to sulfa drugs. Makes a person wonder why they keep them on the market.
Tomorrow is umbrella day. I'm glad the weather is supposed to be good. I love to take photos of their outdoor parade. Not as pretty when we have to have it inside.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The tube

There were so many things that happened during the beginning that it was difficult to put down on a page. One event I feel the need to report is when they had her on the ventilator.
Salem Hospital made the decision to put the tube down her throat. We have to assume they made the best decision for her at that time. The ICU doctor at OHSU was immediately questioning as to why they had made that tremendous leap. We couldn't answer that. We weren't in the room and we were all pretty much in shock. The ICU doctor (Evan) assured us that they would do all they could to get her off of the ventilator as soon it was possible. He said that they would do a couple of tests each day to see how she'd do without it.
Later that same day her ICU nurse, Marlene, was working on lowering her sedation to prep her for the first test. Whenever the sedation was lowered too much, you could see the panic begin. They had her in restraints, but she could still move around and figure out a way to grasp the tubes. Another nurse, Gus, would come in and readjust the sedation whenever he was in the room. I was thankful for that. Her numbers would go up whenever she became agitated and began to struggle. I know that Marlene was just trying to do what she'd been instructed to do to prepare her for the first test, but it was hard to watch and eventually they escorted us out.
Jon and I, left and sat to wait in what they called "The Gallery". An area still inside the ICU, but made to offer a view and a somewhat comfortable seat. After about 5 minutes, Marlene came and said that they needed my help. I wondered how I could possibly help, but followed behind her. About 8 doctors surrounded her bed. She was wild eyed and determinedly struggling against the restraints. Marlene guided me over towards the side of her bed. The head doctor told me that they wanted to perform the first test of lowering the oxygen level to see if she could breath on her own without the ventilator, but they wouldn't be able to perform the test if she persisted in struggling. "Good luck", I thought to myself, but I grasped her wrist and put my forehead against hers. I looked her in the eyes and in an urgent whisper I informed her, "you are sooo close to getting rid of this damn tube. you can do this." She immediately calmed down and stopped struggling, but I continued my hold and to press foreheads with her. There were murmurs around the bed and then the head doctor announced that 'he didn't know why they put her on the ventilator in in the first place. Let's remove it.'. They told her how important it was for her not to struggle as her vocal cords could be damaged and I continued to keep my place beside her. What a great relief when that damned thing was out! With my forehead still against hers, she looked at me and asked, "where are you?".
"I'm right here with you in the ICU at OHSU."
"Oh. Okay."
"where are my glasses?"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jiggity jig

So good to have the girl back home again. :>) Zuzu is particularly happy to have her couch buddy returned. F has gotten a lot of sleep off and on during the day today. Seems strange to be back in the house, sitting on the couch, watching TV - being home.
I went to see Karyn for a hair cut this morning and then stopped at Fred's before heading home. If it's strange for me to be doing somewhat) ordinary things, I imagine it's even more so for F.
We watched (well, at least I stayed awake to watch it) The Queen last night. I can see why Helen Mirren earned an Oscar for her performance. It was easy to believe she was the queen while watching the movie.
F is watching Harry Potter weekend. Was he really that young and small in the first one? Kinda funny.
"Eat Salem" blog people are meeting and eating at Tong King tonight. I hate to miss the event, should be fun. BUT I don't want to leave the girl yet. Too soon. Monday will be hard enough.
N decided that Chinese sounded like what he wants to eat tonight. So he's at Fred's buying ingredients for a recipe he wants to make.
Cafeteria food wasn't bad - really, but I don't miss it. Well, maybe the salad bar. Every house should have a salad bar. ;>)