Monday, July 30, 2007

after BC Vacation musings

As I watched and participated in the casual conversations and mingling while enduring our long wait at Tsawwassen Quay on our way to Namaimo, I couldn't help wondering if Canadians have more chances to connect than Americans. And then I wondered if that's why we noticed a greater tendency to drive in a considerate fashion in BC - feeling more connected to one another. It wasn't once or twice that we encountered people doing the decent thing on the highways, it was nearly every time we needed it.
We enjoyed the cleanliness, spaciousness, privacy and beauty of the provincial campgrounds we stayed at - Little Qualicum Falls, Buttle Lake, Cowichan Lake and Goldstream River, all on Vancouver Island. At Buttle Lake we enjoyed the community feel at the water pump - people chatting and often helping one another filling water jugs.
The only thing I'd change is the sheer, one ply TP. I thought the TP at U.S. rest areas and campgrounds was thin, but apparently it can be manufactured thinner. :>.
Another word about Salty's Fish and Chips on the north end of Victoria. I just can't say enough about how perfectly prepared and cooked the halibut was. The slaw was fresh and tasty, chips were definitely fresh cut as advertised and I swear the catsup was homemade, but the waitress laughed when I asked. I assume then it must be from a bottle. We'll have to be sure and try one of their meat pies next time round. I'll never forget the response I received from one of the owners (?) when I told her they served us the best fish and chips we've ever had. "So, where are you from?"
"Salem, Oregon."
"There ya go.", and with that she walked away from our table with a smile.

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