Wednesday, February 27, 2008

first half of Wednesday

N and I, drove up this morning after I finished updating the journal and uploading photos from the camera. Little did I know that he was planning on driving back to Salem after seeing how F was doing to go to work for 4 hours. I could've just slept in a chair last night to save him the trip. The lives of the martyrs. ;>
F didn't get much sleep last night. Three helicopters landed at different times throughout the night on the building across the way. Nothing like a little adrenaline to keep a person awake. Her neighbor, kept turning her light on between 5 & 8 AM and began to complain that she wanted her breakfast. She probably couldn't sleep either.
The general medicine team came in to tell F that things were looking good as far as her lungs recovering - going by her oxygen level which is down to 1 liter. They're still planning on doing the CAT scan tomorrow. So Dr. Hardman's prediction that she will be able to go home tomorrow probably won't materialize. Don't tease my girl!
She's been napping off and on. Ate a good breakfast, but only picked at her lunch. I think her mom should be fired from selecting her menu.
The doctor with the cool UK stethoscope came in this morning to try and record her "Hammond Crunch" noise with his digital stethoscope hooked up to an ipod. It's not quite as loud as it was, so he didn't get a good recording. Then he came in again after lunch to see if a student would be able to hear the minute differences in heart sound. What fun being an oddity! Probably wouldn't help on a resume, though.

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