Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good or silly bits I've forgotten

When we were getting ready to leave F last night, N reached down to pick up his shoes. Something caught his eye. He held the shoes up higher to get a better look. They were both brown, BUT they didn't match. It's the first time in his life he's had two pair of brown casual shoes. Maybe there's a reason he's never wanted more??
I've been trying to mention the nurses whose compassion leaves an impression on us, but while musing in the shower this morning I realized I've left some out. Vern, one of the standouts in the ICU, who made sure her IVs were redone and done right. I like that he asked if we wanted to buy some strawberry plants from his 7 year old son who he's trying to teach the value of a dollar. Lisa, the quiet ICU nurse, who was always there when we needed her and watched her oxygen levels like a hawk. Jeff, the ICU nurse, who covered us up with warm blankets during the wee hours of the night. One, whose name escapes me, who worked in a small pod of ICU rooms. She took the time to tend the 3 of us (Lisa, too) as well as to take excellent care of F.
While looking out F's window yesterday, I noticed a man on a sidewalk with a huge banner way down below. The banner read, "shame on you, Dr. Frank". At least that's what we could see through the vegetation. Must be an interesting story behind that.
I'm sure I've left something out, but it's a beginning.

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