Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Monday

On Saturday, F had a lot of visitors; Randy, Gwen, Shirley, Nathan, Karrie, Kristen. She hadn't slept much the night before, so it was tough for her to tolerate too much talk. A nurse named Kim, came in at F's request. Her heart rate had been way too fast and she had been feeling a tightness in her chest again. One of the pulmonary specialists had told her she needed to let them know if that happened. Instead of coming into the room to listen, the nurse entered on a mission to get F up and out of bed - possibly even on a walk. She told F that "yes, I know you have pancreatitis", but I do this all the time, this is what I'm good at. All 3 of us began to panic, sure that this person didn't have a clue as to who she was with. F tried going nose to nose with her to tell her to back off and listen, which worked somewhat. I tried to tell her that a respiratory therapist had cautioned all of us about F getting up because of her desatting. We finally made some progress in getting through to her and she began to listen. We found out the next day that F does NOT have pancreatitis. It was a patient down the hall.
Sunday was a much better day for her, since she had been able to sleep. A doctor came in to visit her with a cool stethoscope from the UK. The pulmonary person on call came in to tell that they had found a form of staph from her bronchiscope, but that it's possible it came from her nose or mouth.
We're getting ready to go, but N had to head to work for a short time. K and K are planning a visit today. That will make her day.

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