Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We didn't get to the hospital until about 10:45 this morning. N needed to show someone at work how to do a task. Not long after, Ken & Karen arrived to visit F. She appreciated enjoying their company and sharing stories with them - as did N and I. Now all she has to do is keep her chocolate away from her ma. N, me and K & K, ate lunch together and had a nice visit at Slice of Heaven. I think I've forgotten any of the details I knew about Rachel's time up at the children's hospital in Seattle. Time to ask for a refresher.
F has had a good day considering how a different person/event woke her up nearly every hour from 3 AM until daylight. We kept waiting throughout the day for the doctors to arrive. One doctor did come in before we got here and told her they were going to start giving her antibiotics. Probably for the staph they found in the one test result. Of course the team arrived 15 minutes before we returned from dinner. They told her that they would know more tomorrow. They'll continue the antibiotics and it's possible they'll do another bronchoscopy on Wednesday. They said they found some odd cells and I guess they want to investigate further. She didn't mention a biopsy, but that's what they said would happen with the second bronchoscopy. I'm starting to feel like we need to eat at separate times, so as not to miss anything.

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