Monday, March 24, 2008

Are my eyes mistaken, or did it really stop raining for the day?

F felt lousy for most of the day yesterday and N and I, did our best to tread lightly. Towards evening she began to feel better and started moving around a bit. She even made some honey roasted almonds.
In the afternoon, N and I, went to Fred's and found a few more gluten free items for her - snacky stuff. The bread and muffins tend to be on the dense side, since you have to use different flours. I wish we had some kind of idea as to how long we should try this diet. We've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. It makes sense that it would take awhile, if things need to heal in the colon.
N began the process of taxes yesterday. Most of day was spent downloading account info from the web and labeling the transactions. When I went to bed, I suggested that perhaps it wouldn't be wise to wake me to ask such questions as, "what's Stone Mt.?".
I did some vacuuming in hidden corners yesterday. When is that new recliner going to arrive?? I'd like F to be at a better angle when she's resting. Better for the lungs and better for digestion.
Ah, a Mourning Dove is on the ground under the feeder. They're usually in groups of 5 or more. "Where's your posse, Pigeon?" Do they consider that a derogatory term??
J is probably getting ready to leave Roseburg to head up here soon. That'll cheer the girl up. :>)
UPDATE: J just arrived. :>) F is napping after being pretty darned busy. She de-cluttered the pie safe and the cook books for me. I should start the process of washing curtains (well, maybe tomorrow . . .)

Nothing to cheer a person up like a parade of kindergartners with colorful umbrellas.

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