Thursday, March 27, 2008

Blue skies :>)

It's darned cold out there, but I'm glad the sky is blue. The NOAH forecast still looks dismal, so I'm grateful for these blue bits.
N and I, took a screen and window in for repair yesterday. Then we stopped somewhere that used to repair appliances, looking for new drip pans for the stove. They've retired from that end of their business and suggested a couple of other places we could check. We opted for the little guy around the corner. Talk about depressing! He could get us the parts - at a total of $255. When we said we'd have to think about it, he began to tell the sad story of how he ekes by repairing appliances and selling refurbished ones. He's become more of a recycler than anything else. I wanted to tell him that that part of his business will probably pick up, since it's become an environmental issue to ship our junk to China and Japan. That and the price of scrap metal.
In the afternoon, all 4 of us drove up to Bridgeport. We shopped at Whole Foods and then ate at California Pizza Kitchen. We arrived home just in time to feed F her dinner and to watch the last Veronica Mars we borrowed from L.
F did well for her busy day - she made waffles before we left. I hope she was able to sleep last night.
N and I, finally got a good nights sleep. It helps to have the waterbed heater plugged in. :>O That's what I get for vacuuming in corners - hypothermia. I wonder who would've found our bodies? hahahaha!

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