Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy day for the girl

We just now convinced Zuzie that INSIDE is so much better for a feline. It took the threatening roar of the rototiller to urge her towards the open door, but she's in and probably feeling proud of her slippery escape between my feet.
F started off her day making a batch of chocolate, coconut, meringue cookies. She rested for a bit and then we used her new shower bench to give her a long, relaxing shower. Afterwards, I slathered her in Cetaphil cream and then she cocooned in her room for a snooze. She's spent the past 2 hours on the deck in the sunshine. She's been staining and now sketching guidelines on a wood saucer. She'll use wine corks for the center and decorate the outer edge. She said that the patch isn't any stronger than the oxycodone, but she likes the steady dosage.
N, has spent the day on yard work, lubing the trailer's wheels/hubs and rototilling the compost into different areas of the yard.

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