Friday, March 28, 2008

Feelin' Squirrelly . . .

It's drizzling out there right now, but the flower buds on the cherry trees are getting pinker and more prominent every day. The day lilies are about 7" out of the ground and the bleeding hearts and oxalis are beginning to show themselves.
Yesterday, N delved deeper into the taxes and deeper into despair. It probably wouldn't hurt quite so much if we hadn't found out we need to replace the roof, too. Why couldn't the discovery of those two things be a few months or more apart?? bleh
J's mom stopped by on her way up north. She traded vehicles with him and then went on her way to IKEA and to help her step-daughter plan her upcoming wedding.
N and I, picked up the repaired screen and window. Nice to have the house look a little less white trashy. ;>)
F and J, went out shopping for a new wallet for J. I'm glad she's getting opportunities to get up and out of the house. We're not always good at that.
F and J, made a polenta casserole for dinner while N and I, dashed over to Costco to buy the second season of Veronica Mars. Oh and milk, too. Maybe I have the order of my priorities mixed up??
We're two episodes into the second season. What's going to happen to poor, poor Logan??

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