Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last Saturday of March

Boy, oh boy, did it snow on our way home from Costco last night! Crazy! It's cold out there this morning, but no white flakes or hail left behind. (nevermind, it's snowing a bit now)
N, sat at the computer most of the day yesterday. If there had been a door to slide food under, that's how he would've received his meals. ;>) I encouraged periodic stretching to keep the blood circulating in his legs.
I read and did laundry and made the meals that might have been slipped under the door, if there had been one.
F & J, went out later in the day to continue the search for a wallet for J. Then F remembered that she had a prescription to pick-up at Costco. So they drove home to pick us up and take us along. J bought some salmon and they cooked that to go with the leftover polenta casserole for dinner. Mmmmm! I lit candles for F. I know how much she hates fish, let alone the lingering smell.
We watched a Boston Legal and then a couple of Veronica Mars before bed.

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