Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday Appointment

I think F was a little tense about getting out of the house yesterday - getting jostled in the car, walking farther than usual, enduring mother's maneuvering of the wheel chair. We survived though. :>) And she was still talking and joking with me at the end.
It took awhile to bring Dr. Nair up to speed about what happened up at OHSU. Then he read us his notes from the last appointment. He reiterated his concerns about going in for surgery without knowing what he was looking for and possibly causing F more pain. He explained where he would make the incisions and how many "ports" he would make/use. He also told us that he wants us to get the gyno ultrasound completed, have a check back with Dr. Goodenburger and to start seeing a therapist just in case the laparoscopy doesn't show anything.
I had hoped to give F a good "bed bath" last night, but after vacuuming and tidying up I was too wiped. Sorry F! :>(
She's going to have company today - Unkie Chuck, Kasey and Nathaniel. Guess I better make sure they can get in the house.

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