Monday, March 24, 2008

Veggies rule!

It was quite a boost to N and I, to see F get up and join us in the kitchen last night. Sure, maybe she did lay on the floor, but it's a big change from the couch. Then she went to the fridge, took out the vegetables she wanted, took them to the dining room table (chair to sit in) and began to chop them up for a recipe she wanted us to make for dinner. Yay!!
Well, so much for N escaping THE BUG. Night before last, I thought it was safe to remark on how I couldn't believe he didn't catch it. Yesterday, during work he began to feel it creeping up on him and by last night it was raging full force. Poor N!! So, F and I caught it before OHSU, Lisa caught it during and N after. When is Zuzie the cat's turn??

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