Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where's my list?

Sleeping in feels like such a lazy luxury and yet I struggle with the desire to get things done during this time. Guess which "activity" won?
The four of us watched a couple of sitcoms last night and then plugged Veronica Mars into the DVD player. So addictive! Who killed Lily? Why did V's mom leave town?
It was good to see F smiling and giggling with J last night.
I ended up making a Cooking Light recipe (penne and chicken with spiced tomato sauce) with gluten free pasta and roasted asparagus tossed with balmasic vinegar and olive oil. Very good, but next time I'll make the spiced tomato sauce correctly. I didn't notice until the very end that I was supposed to use powdered fennel instead of the seed I added. And that was with my glasses . . .
A whole, entire month without regular emails from my sis, K. bleh! I told her that I'm going to forget how to write emails.

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