Sunday, June 1, 2008

. . . all your heads with garlands crowned . . .

N and I, took a drive down to Garland's Nursery this afternoon. Such a nice selection of the kind of plants we desire and enjoy. We looked at their many varieties of lavender and wished we had enough sun to plant all of them. Between that and the Hellebore we could have a ex-scent-vaganza. Hmmm, have to work on that one.
N has all the new additions planted and watered. I can't wait to see how the impatiens and lungwort do.
J and Fran returned from shopping soon after we arrived home and then J left. He'll have a late arrival home. I sure hope he secured enough sleep over the weekend. Fran doesn't have a regular sleep schedule, but has a very set routine on how to get what she needs. I'm not sure if it would be good for any of us to try and match it. Drive safe, J.
Fran is cooking away in the kitchen. Looks like she used the rest of her bread dough to make a bread similar to what Caprial made on her show yesterday. I'm not sure what she's making with the corn meal and milk. Polenta, maybe?

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