Thursday, June 19, 2008

Down the garden path

Oh my goodness! Sissy K knew what she was talking about when she said I'd have my work cut out for me deadheading Shirley's roses! Fran laid in the grass while I tried to do the job in the most thorough fashion - I thought. Every time I walked back through the rose bed, I'd find another bush I'd missed. I did a little weeding - mainly looking for those weeds that grow a foot a week in the spring. I wheeled the girl back around to the driveway and she informed me, "there's another bunch of roses out here." Just a small fraction of what grows in the backyard, thank heavens.
I think it should work out well if I head out to deadhead every 4-5 days. I just want to make sure her roses continue to bloom when they return.
We drove there and back on the old highway. It was a nice drive and made it easy to go to the Humane Society on the way home. There was a sweet, 2 month old, black lab puppy named Zeke, who was very happy to get Fran's attention.
Her birthday package from her sis arrived today. She opened and went through it while doing a video chat with the Chases in Sweden. :>) Like a virtual party. hahahaha

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