Thursday, June 5, 2008

"iiiiiit's SHOW TIME!!"

Today was the short people's program - or programs. (We do one each for AM and PM.)
I thought everything went great, from beginning to end, but then I'm of the opinion that whatever happens at a KG program will be adorable, the audience will love it and it'll make a fun memory for most involved. So many sweet upcoming students! I love to have the families over and over.
I'm pretty much beat now. Maybe I won't vacuum or do laundry after all.
N and I, ate at Bigfoot again last night. Their burgers are finger dripping good. I had the "hangover burger" this time. They add a slice of Tillamook Cheese on top while the patty is still on the grill and let it melt onto the grill and crisp up. What I really enjoy are the generous slices of tomato they give you AND their grilled onions. Now if only they could have beer as good as McMenanim's.

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