Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was quietly sitting at our computer waiting for my morning emails from Europe (Kluver's blog), when suddenly there's the sound of a small loud engine winding, winding, winding - louder, faster . . . I was sure an explosion would be imminent. When it became obvious it wasn't out of control, I started checking out the back of the house and then the front. It's the tree trimming company that is contracted to take care of encroaching vegetation around power lines. Whew!! I sure hope they take care of the neighbor's branches that lay on the lines to our house.
Shirley just emailed their post, but because of the demand for the computers she has to wait to send me their pics. There were over 100 visitors to their site yesterday. Probably only 20-30 of those hits were from their family and friends. I think their site was featured somewhere on the web. Maybe because of the popularity of European cruises?

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