Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sailing away

I keep thinking it's Friday . . .
and then I remember. Oh yeah, even though it's not a paid day I still go in to help a bit and attend the luncheon. AND, hello!, it's only Wednesday.
Things to remember:
Don't stay up late
Get up when the alarm goes off

Today was a good end of the school year day. Everything went smoothly. And I had some sweet reminders that there are many repeat families coming our way. No guarantees I'll have them, but I can cross my fingers and toes.

I went to our after-hours-end-of-the-school-year-happy-dance at a local restaurant today. Instead of everyone grousing and worrying about losing Bill and being anxious about our new principal, we began a "Top Ten Reasons Why Bill SHOULD Leave Sumpter" list. I'm glad he gets our sense of humor, because some people might need a medical intervention after hearing 15 (so we can't count) reasons they should leave their place of work. I sat by gorgeous Darla and had a fun old time laughing and talking and joking around.

How sad is it when it's someone's birthday and you can't take them out to dinner or shopping?
. . . rethinking what a celebration is . . .

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