Monday, June 9, 2008

Silly Zuzu!

I don't know what it is about the Python hose aquarium vacuum we use, but it seems to drive the kitty nuts. From the time it's hauled out of the garage until it's emptied, coiled and returned to storage, she's "wowing". We've speculated over whether it's the debris that travels through the hose, the zooming air bubbles in the water or even the noise of the water in hose, but just having the hose in the house makes her "wow". Even if no one is touching it or running water through it. It's pretty much the same noise she makes in the car. Only then she seems genuinely stressed out.
Fran had a double appointment day. N took her to see Dr. Pitchford this morning and PT with Kathy this afternoon. I should probably hand her an ice pack now. Kathy said that it's very possible that her intestinal issues may have been caused by the deep tissue massage last Friday. Good to know, but why?
The short people were excited and loud today. I'm certain tomorrow will be ever so much more so. I'll miss them - truly.

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