Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Squirrel Takeover in Oregon??

Darned little rodents! I vaguely remember when they used to look so cute, but now they seem to be crawling over every square inch of our backyard. After my shower this morning, I walked past our sliding glass door (in my robe, of course) and there was one of the big greys on the deck working on a peanut. He didn't even get that from our feeder and yet he chose to peer into our house to enjoy his snack. Gives me the willies! ;>)
Where did all that bright blue sky I awoke to go? {sigh}
Fran is still recovering from overdoing it on Sunday and Monday. She was going to run a couple of errands with me yesterday, but once she sat upright on the couch she knew it was a bad idea. She'll just have to soldier through it today, if she's still weak, as she has two appointments back to back. Her PT appointment ended up being canceled due to Kathy having a family emergency.
I'm continually fascinated how comments on blogs can take a different turn than the author intended. Salem Man put up a post several months ago asking readers to post their nightmare restaurant experiences. Instead of doing as he asked, the comments were 99% about the experiences people had had at the restaurant he had his latest nightmare experience in. On Monday, I added a post to his blog about the lack of people dining out on Father's Day and asked others where they usually eat on that day. Instead it's becoming a "discussion" about who does what chores in your home.
I'm still waiting for Dan and Shirley's latest email. I want to see and hear about their trip to Pompeii.

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