Monday, June 30, 2008

To Center, To Center, To See The Therapist

The resident stinker named, Zuzie, is yelling and pleading, "please let me out to the garage!". I will not be fooled twice in one day!
Little did I know (and did not check)that Norm had left the garage door open a crack during the night. I let Zuzu out for her usual morning garage check. Next time I saw her, was when I walked past the sliding door the same time she did - only she was on the other side.
Which we all know is cat for "hello" or "goodbye" and I'm assuming she meant both. Stinker!
She stayed out in the backyard watching birds and squirrels until I returned from getting my hair cut. Then she yelled through the screen, to let me know she was done.
Fran had an appointment with Kathy for PT this afternoon. She brought another therapist in to get more ideas (something doctors might consider)and they both proceeded to poke and manipulate the girl. Can't be too horrible, she's always smiling when she comes wheeling out. Sounds like some massage (just for loosening some muscles) may be the ticket now. Where did I put that name TJ gave me??

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