Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend recap

As I mentioned on Eat Salem, we had Father's Day brunch at our house yesterday.
Yearly, I find myself wishing we had a house more suited to entertaining family. The backyard works in the summer. Thank goodness we can do that at least. We need to remember to think of that option more often during the summer months. Utilize those opportunities!
Fran talked me into changing my tried and true strata recipe - yikes! Scary! What if the main dish was inedible?! (Sassy Onion here we come!!) Instead of cheddar cheese, she wanted me to add equal portions of gruyere and Parmesan - along with some complimentary herbs (summer savory, herb de provence, basil, thyme, parsley, smoked paprika). Then I thought some sauteed onions and mushrooms might make a nice topping. At the last minute both Fran and i agreed it would be better to leave that on the side - just in case. Turned out quite tasty - not too sharp, not overly spiced. It was nicely balanced. Having sissy sue and c&l bring champagne and strawberries was a good idea, too. I think just having Fran standing close by makes me have better ideas. :>)
She left with the Chases to Portland. Trying to get in as many minutes as possible with the boy before he leaves to Sweden. N and I, will go pick her up this afternoon, as she has a PT appointment with Kathy.
Can't think what else I wanted to write. I may edit more later.

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