Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whatcha reading?

Fran just let me know that I'd been sitting here quietly working away until she picked up a book to read . . . and then I began to chat. Is that one of those weird human nature things? We see someone engaged in a solitary activity and we have to bother them? I know I'm guilty - just been caught, in fact. ;>)
Our end of the year school luncheon was sooooooooo long today - nearly 4 hours! Crazy! It seems like we've been saying goodbye to Bill all school year. The best part was Timmy's skit. He was an expressive youngster with a lisp, cuddled up in bed, telling his mama all about his day at school. "His day" was a run down of all the collected bloopers staff members had made throughout the year. I laughed so hard at his delivery, I had a hard time breathing and stopping the tears.
We need to go pick up Fran's prescriptions and glasses tonight. Looking at the clock, I wonder if we'll make it. Whew! She just let me know that she can wait until tomorrow.

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