Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Where Highway, Rail and Water Meet"

Such an interesting motto for a town. You have to wonder what kind of brainstorm session shot that one out. Growing up on a major waterway, I can think of a great number of towns and cities those words might describe. I suppose many mottos were adopted due to a total absence of creativity. I'm still trying to figure out how Jenny knew that bit of trivia pertained to me. There were some good ones revealed during the game of Jeopardy during our assembly today. Here are some highlights; someone had brought their grandmother's gallstones for show and tell, another staff member had their hands chewed on by a monkey when they were 3 and yet another had to swim to Wizard Island when their Crater Lake excursion boat sank.
As the morning sun lit up our backyard early this morning, the presence of a large branch from the Maple tree became evident. I'm so glad it didn't hit the deck or roof when it fell. What a noise that would've made!
I did our "last science" today with the short people. The rain prevented me from taking them out to the garden and a lack of time kept us from doing anything more than just saying what our favorite activity was. When we have time and I ask them "why", oft times I get some thoughtful responses.
I really should've hopped back in the car (after tending to Fran) and drove the camera memory card to Costco. Lazy me. So easy to talk myself into "tomorrow".

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