Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where's my cat translator?

You'd think Timmy was down the well for all the talking Zuzu's done this morning.
Food - check,
water - check,
litter box - I'll get there, I promise.
We're using the clumping litter now. The traditional stuff was gone at Costco and we couldn't wait. I think it is an improvement. She doesn't have to push around dirty litter anymore, but instead of a small sandwich bag for clean-up, I've had to go up to the quart size. I hope you're done with breakfast. :>)
Fran began to feel a lot better yesterday. Her appetite is returning and she even felt good enough to go to Office Depot and Fred's with me. We ran into an old Salem Height's/Little League acquaintance during our first stop. She was always easy to talk to, but also a bit self righteous. I thought we were going to end up using all of Fran's strength for that conversation. {Contact with people is a good thing, K.}
We needed to go to Office Depot to replace the microphone I vacuumed up. (I blame it on my color blindness) Fran uses it to talk to the boy on the computer.
There must be something fun we can do today . . . I could finish washing curtains and sort through drawers. Now that's what I call fun!

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