Friday, June 6, 2008

Yoo hoo!! Barkeep!!

My partner for life must have distracted himself from his generous offer to make me a drink. He's back . . . but I don't think he's headed in the right direction. {sigh} Does that mean I have to get up off my rear? So sad!
A slightly wacky day at school, but very ordered and manageable at the same time. TJ is a pro after all, even if it's not her class. I get such a kick of how jazzed the short people get over their 30 minutes of end-of-the-year bouncy toys. They go full tilt the entire time, even while waiting in line.
Fran went for her first massage at Pathways this afternoon. From the second hand info I've heard, it sounds like it was a good experience for her. She's icing her incision area on the couch now. The staff must've had a meeting about her after she was done. They called to ask some questions and to make some suggestions. They think it may be best for her to see their neuromuscular masseuse and they recommended a chiropractor in the area. Pretty soon she'll have an appointment for every business day of every week. It all seems to be good stuff now. As opposed to what now seems like wasted gas, time and money going up to the OHSU Pain Clinic. I'm even having fewer feelings of frustration regarding Dr. Weeks. She did recommend doing PT locally, Dr. Pitchford AND the pain patches. Dr. Pitchford has recommended a new pain doctor. Maybe we're heading in a better direction now.

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