Monday, August 25, 2008

A fresh shiny new wet Monday

We had a slight taste of what things may be like when we'll all be getting ready for work in the morning. Just a taste.
N has this week off, but the two of us took Fran in for a PT appointment at 9 (well, as close to 9 as we could manage). There was too much competition for the bathroom for Fran to get in as soon as she needed, unfortunately. Good to have a head's up before the dress rehearsal.
She had enough energy after pool therapy to shop at Costco and Petco. I was surprised after her busy day yesterday and the rest of the week. She's sound asleep on the couch now.
I felt so bad leaving Gwen and Randy with all those dishes and the rest of the mess last night. It is good to spend time with them, though. And I'm glad they do all that for us.
L & J are in Portland for interviews today. J learned the important lesson of not sitting in the Hyundai and listening to the radio this morning. The battery isn't strong enough to handle that, plus the headlights go on when someone is in the car with the key on. I'm glad Norm was around to take their call.

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