Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it really almost hump day??

We had kind of a busy day today; busy, but good.
All of us slept in, since we didn't need to be in Kalama until later in the day. Then we began to hustle and bustle around.
L and J, sound like the Todd Road house is a good possibility for temporary housing. It's just 10 minutes closer to Portland from Kalama, but minutes can count when you double them each day. Besides, I'm sure they're concerned about the stress their pets are going through. I'm not worried about Izzie and Zuzu. I know they'll be fine. Zuzu needs to know that her world can change once in awhile and that other animals in her vicinity aren't the end of the world. Besides, I love having my girls here. :>)
After the house tour, G'ma and G'pa took us out to eat Chinese dinner in Kalama. Very good! I should've taken pictures and written them up. Hate to waste a dining experience!
Tomorrow we rise early and head to Portland for a 9 AM appointment.

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