Monday, August 4, 2008

Izzyed out?

J said that perhaps I've blogged enough about sweet lil Izzy. Perhaps, but she's pretty much what we're all revolving around right now. That and Fran.
So much for my great plans of heading out early to run errands. Bad K! Doesn't take much of an obstacle in my path to distract me. I decided I should probably call sissy K to make sure they're going to be at the canal to receive their perishable package. She said they might head home for a day or two early this week, but cousin Lanny's funeral is today and will take place up in the same basic area.
So, so sad that Aunt Betty has lost two sons. And both were such tragic unexpected events. At least Lanny was doing something he loved.
Zuzu, is slowly returning to her regular habits with this little intruder in her house. She came out and meowed for her breakfast this morning and supervised the making of N's lunch. Progress is good.
Fran has three appointments this week. One is her first time visit with pain specialist, Dr. Heros. I hope her paperwork is about done. I'm sure that gets old - filling out the history everytime she goes to a new place. Maybe we should photocopy this one.

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