Monday, August 4, 2008

Learn something new everyday - but not on purpose

I didn't get out of the house as early as I had hoped, but I did accomplish all of my errands before lunch. Yay!
List; mail package, take bag of misc. to Goodwill, return carafe to FM, take gleaned audio books to Reader's Guide. There! Now I feel like I did something today!
Izzy had her first bath this afternoon. I noticed her itching and began to worry she had picked up a flea or two from her potty trips outside. We don't want to put any insecticides on her yet. She's too tiny. The bath wore her out, even though it was pretty low key. Guess I should've taken photos. :>)
We put her to bed in her playard to get her used to it. She's been sleeping with J and Fran during the night, but the playard will come in handy eventually and we'll want her accustomed to it when it's time.
Oh yeah, what I learned today . . . don't use a flash when you're taking a photo of a wee black dog against a light background. When I looked at the preview, Izzy looked like a dream dog floating in the clouds.
(I'll post the photos later. Comcast is giving me fits.)

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