Friday, August 22, 2008

Time for sleep, please

L and I made a trip with Reggie's help up to Beaverton for an interview this morning. They called her back with a possible job as an administrative assistant at an engineering firm in the Portland area. She returns on Monday for an interview with the firm and J has an interview in Portland that afternoon.
She and I stopped at Bridgeport on the way home. We misunderstood and thought there was a Title Nine at the mall, but I found out later from Fran it's a store LIKE Title Nine named Lucy. Dang! I hate to waste a good trip! We went to REI as long as we were there, but they didn't have one single dress.
J repaired our laptop while we were gone. Yay! Now to get the plug thing fixed by HP. Hopefully, they don't screw the new fix up.

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