Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our start for outside-the-house-plans was late. One of those miscommunication type days, but also due to L's need to fill out some applications. J and I drove out to Lancaster. He hand delivered an application to the school district for a tech position. He was worried at the amount of turnover (it's listed about every 3-4 months), but I explained to him that people use it as a spring board once they find a job that offers more pay. The pay isn't bad, though.
Then we went and ran several errands together before coming home and then taking L with us downtown. We visited The Little Cannoli Bakery, were very entertained by the comedian baker in the back and then went to Cherry Redd, a fun shop also in the Reed Opera House. They had a small camera crew shooting for a local program, Portland Now. Hmmm, this isn't Portland . . . It's an on the road show, he replied. The owner has such a great personality and he can figure out a woman's size just by looking at her. ;>) He had fun picking out dresses and shoes for Lisa to try on. She tried on one that looked like it was made for her and would be great for interviews, but it was more than she can afford without a job - dog gone it. By that time we had to head back to the car since we were parked in a two hour spot.
I had an answer to my email to the Public Market people. They like the idea of a video and want to talk to me. Now for the biggest question of all . . . will I be worthy? {sigh} I sure hope so.
How fun! I got to be sissy S's first chat last night! :>) I love gmail and wish the rest of the family would jump over.
I can't believe this rain. What should we do on this rainy summer day?

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