Saturday, September 20, 2008

Beautiful Peaches, Peaches for me, Beautiful Peaches . . .

We were in and out of the truck from 9 to 12 today; we went to Salem Public Market, the church of bottle deposits, Fred Meyer, Costco, Petco and followed Lisa into unfamiliar eating territory. :>O (her review will be on eatsalem on wednesday and mine tomorrow) I heard some great Paula comments on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. I think we heard one about how she has a gift for the world of finance, because she was ahead of the curve and lost her money first. She cracks me up. I'm sure it hits a bit close to where she lives, but isn't that the basis for most humor?
I have a new favorite movie - The Waitress. We watched it last night and I just fell in total and complete love. One of those that you're so disappointed to have end so you keep watching the lame extras? Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible was in it - I kept waiting for him to burst into song. It was the kind of movie where that could happen, too. A kind of cartoon edge to the characters.
I've been playing with my Salem Public Market movie today. J's bro, Collin, suggested I use vimeo. It did improve the appearance, but it didn't work as well on our older computer. Not a good sign, when many folks use older technology.
Made me feel good yesterday when our librarian was introducing me to someone new in the school by saying how she keeps trying to talk me into working in the library with her. I told her I'd jump ship in a minute, if the hours were good.
Fran's in the kitchen .. . . with a knife . . . I best go assist.


Anonymous said...

Where are all those peaches? Flo wants to know.

Anonymous said...

why is the title peaches but you never mention them after that? Did I miss something?