Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Eats

We enjoyed some good eating this weekend and even found a few minutes here and there for sitting in the backyard and relaxing.
The kids had picked blackberries at Minto Brown Park last week, so Fran (with Lisa's help) turned them into scones and cobbler. And then there were the baby back ribs I picked up at Costco. Lisa and I put an herb rub on them and N added barbeque sauce during the grilling process. Definitely good eats!
That clock radio alarm sure sounded loud this morning! I must still be in "transition to school" mode.
Speaking of school . . . our principal told elementary ed they needed to find a .5 position for our 4th KG session teacher (who had been hired permanently for some reason). They came back to her later that day, said that they couldn't, would she put her back as a 4th session teacher. So after the shuffling to create 3 classes out of 4, the teachers needed to go back and reverse the process. I've been around long enough to see a number of things happen, but this is definitely a first. I certainly feel for those families.

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