Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKEA thanks for finding and keeping my keys!

Fran's stitches are good - a little puckery due to the rough edge of the bread knife.

N won a new furnace for us on a local auction tonight. Great deal and then we'll have those energy rebates, too. :>)
Now we don't have to wait for the shoe to drop on the old one. Works out well since much of his vacation isn't transferable so he'll be getting cashed out. I told him he should switch more often. ;>)
We drove up to retrieve my keys at IKEA. (eye roll over stupidity) I'm glad that's done! Then we stopped at Burgerville and Fry's Electronics. The kindergartners needed new headphones and they're about the only place to get cheap cheap ones. I also bought video editing software. Now I'm really committed!! The people at Salem Market were still smiling at me yesterday, so either they haven't seen it or they're okay with it.
I wrote and resigned my position as building union rep yesterday. I decided that 15 years is long enough and I need to get something off my plate. Two people replied to the email I sent out to classified staff telling me about how busy their lives are. So now it's in the union's lap. I feel bad and yet . . . .
Lisa's helping Sara cut tomatoes. Yikes! That sounds even scarier!
It rained so hard when we went to IKEA today. A man nearly backed over us in the pick-up area. He was horrified - which I thought was a good thing. But we were laughing ourselves silly for some reason. I'm sure he thought we were nuts. Maybe the helplessness of the wheelchair as a wee car backed up towards us?? I dunno.

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