Thursday, September 18, 2008

My keys are at IKEA? Yeah, no kidding!

Last night was a pretty slow night for the Red Cross. I got to chat a long time with volunteer John (retired math teacher) since it took N so long to make his way through the queue. Joe, another volunteer, got a good chuckle over how far I left my old man in the dust. Gotta love those old men!

Here's your laugh of the day: after Fran's Portland appointment today, she asked if we'd take her to IKEA. N reminded us part way through the store that it was his rehearsal night and to keep that in mind time wise. We sped up the process a notch and then hopped in the car to head home. Once we ate our Carl's Jr dinner, drove home and I sent him on his way, I realized that I needed to go to Costco for a Fran errand. Could NOT find my keys ANYWHERE. :>O And so Lisa drove us in. When we returned home I called Carl's first - nada, then IKEA - "yes, we have your keys!" Yay!! "Uh, well, I'm out of town. Could you hang onto them for awhile?"
I'm so glad they're safe!

At morning recess, there were suddenly two children screaming, crying and running towards me. One dropped down on her knees in the gravel (yes, in a dramatic fashion) and began to throw rocks at herself. I gathered them both together and asked them to take some deep breaths. The first blurted out, "she said that I hit her in the eye and nose, but I didn't, I was grabbing the bar behind her!" sob, gasp L, who ran out once she heard the screams, talked to the second child and found out that her feelings were hurt, but not her body.
The osteopath appointment was pretty much a good bye until she sees the doctor at Salem Rehab. to see if the osteopath will be needed in the proposed therapy. He did do his work on her and made her feel better. So that's something.

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