Thursday, September 11, 2008

Power to the chore doers

Here I am - beginning the editing process!
Thanks to J doing the dishes and Fran helping with dinner.
It may not be the end . . . BUT it's a beginning.

We put the AM and PM classes together today. And you know what? They're still a nice group of kids. Makes me happy to know that there are good parents out there who care about behavior and growth. Children need chores and responsibilities. We've had these discussions in our house for years. We don't claim to have been perfect parents. We'd be fooling ourselves. But we do think it's important for children to make age appropriate decisions that increase in importance as they gain age. Heaven help the child sent off to college who never experienced making some of their own decisions. We've probably all seen and heard of those messes.
Okay, back to the editing software . . .

Click here for a link to a guide that answers the question, "which chores at which age?", and also offers a variety of behavior charts to print and edit for free.

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