Saturday, September 20, 2008

What? Twice in one day? Unheard of!

Now where did I last leave you?
Somewhere around the time when Fran picked up a knife?
All was fine until her fifth or so slice of the hearty loaf of bread. Then something went awry with that nasty serrated bread knife and Liseanne & I next found her clutching a napkin to the fingers of her left hand.
Liseanne and N drove her to the emergency room since the urgent care clinic was closed. Sometime within the following 2.5 hours, they admitted her and stitched up her middle finger.
Wimpy me and little Izzy stayed safe and concerned at home.

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Anonymous said...

Come on, KandN, you left your loyal readers with caring ?? about Fran's finger damage. Let us all know, we care! flo