Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where's K's Groove?

We had a great day Saturday. So many things got done - one of my favorite kind of days. That kind AND the ones where we're totally rusticating. :>)
We ended the day with a drive to Corvallis. I love that drive - the back way. With autumn coming it'll just get better.
Once we arrived in town we realized that we'd picked one of their busier evenings to visit. The downtown sidewalks were full of happy groups of people of all ages, holding empty wine glasses in their hands. They were participating in the annual Rhapsody in the Vineyard Downtown Walk. Each person buys a wineglass that they take with them while they walk around to the local shops and try a different wine at each stop. What a great community event! I hope it catches on.
And so we were concerned about how busy American Dream Pizza/Crow Bar would be. Since the coveted roof was full with a 25 minute waiting list. We walked in to see if there was room to wait in the Crow Bar down the hall. Much to our surprise it was nearly empty. We decided on a pitcher of microbrew to drink while waiting, but when N went up to the bar to order the beer he was told that we could order our pizza, too. Time becomes more important than desired atmosphere when you have a 45 minute drive to get home, and so we decided to eat in the bar.
The longer we sat, the noiser it became, but it was gradual enough that we adjusted our voices to hear each other and even began to enjoy the happy din.
We ordered two medium pizzas; "Ska", with jerk chicken, feta, artichoke heart, roasted peppers, fresh tomato and a "Dream Special," with Italian sausage, Am bacon, mushroom, olive, tomato. Due to it's "irrisistableness", I think we order the Ska every visit. On top of their hearty crust, the strong, delicious flavor of the jerk chicken is a wonderful delight to the taste buds. Especially with the addition of feta, artichoke hearts and roasted peppers. I'm ready to go eat one of our few leftover slices after writing this! The Dream Special is a more traditional pizza for the less daring (we had one of those folks in our group of 4), but thanks to the excellent quality of the sausage and bacon it also has a delicious flavor - enough to stand up to the crust. We were enjoying each other's company so much that we ate more than we should've and so decided to take a walk around the downtown blocks. There were still many people out and about, but mostly gathered around the eating establishments that were still open. Everytime we visit Corvallis I tell myself I could easily live there with their bustling downtown, proximately to the coast and the extras provided to a community that is home to a university.

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