Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gee, thanks Connie!! ;>
After Connie's compliment last Friday, I began to think I actually do teach the short people some higher level science terms. And then today I read my favorite leaf book to them with the scientific words and definitions at the end with my all time favorite tree (Ginkgo) featured . . .
they weren't all being the best listeners.
Sitting here thinking back on the day, perhaps it wasn't that bad.
Maybe my expectations were pushed beyond the KG limit due to the compliment.
They did love the leaf rubbings.
I came home to a suds locked washing machine after a long day at work and two errands across town. I think it was the second suds lock since August. I finally made a mark with an permanent marker indicating how much soap is needed for a front loader washer. I guess a verbal approach isn't always the preferred approach.

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